Week #9 Tuesday, September 3 – Friday, September 6, 2019

 Farm News

A recent conversation on our regional CSA listserv is what brings you the Brussels sprouts tops this week. A few years back Community Supported Farmers in a seven county region that includes our county of Barron joined together in a mostly informal way to get to know each other better, to support each other and to share information. It’s been good! We’ve gathered for workshops about farming topics of all kinds, gotten together for summer picnics and winter parties. And, we’ve shared lots of information via the listserv. A couple of weeks back, someone posed the question about whether to “top” Brussels sprouts or not. We typically top our Brussels sprouts around the first of September. We walk down the row of Brussels sprouts and cut off the top spurt of growth on each plant. The idea is that the plant will stop putting energy into top growth and more energy into growing the sprouts themselves. As we walk down the row cutting the tops, we have always tossed them to the ground. Back to the question on the listserv. Of course people came down on both sides. The non-toppers felt that you got a more continuous harvest by not cutting the top. Those that wanted to harvest in one fell swoop preferred topping. What caught our eye was not the yay or nay, but this comment: “Bonus to topping–you can give out the top greens to your CSA–they are like a tender collard greens and are quite tasty.” A little research was in order! After some recipe searching and sampling, we decided yes, indeed they were definitely worth sending. Like the garlic scape that we once considered a throw away and is now something to look forward to, it could be that the Brussels Sprouts tops (which need a new name – that’s a mouthful) become an anticipated fall crop. We’ll see!

 In Your Bag

Melons last of the season!
Yellow Potatoes
Yellow Onions
OR Beets OR Cauliflower
Shishito Peppers (in the bag)
Bell Pepper and a Sweet Yellow OR Red Pepper
Roma Tomatoes + Pint of Salad Tomatoes
Brussels Sprout

Veggie Notes

Summer veggies are on their way out; fall veggies are on their way in. It’s sort of a mix this week and probably next week too. Brussels sprout tops are likely new to you – they are to us! Check out the recipe or look for others online.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

We expect cauliflower to be coming in strong next week. We’ll continue with Roma tomatoes and we’ll see about the salad tomatoes. They may be winding down. Everyone will probably get a beet bunch and I think poblano peppers will make a showing. Look for sweet red and yellow peppers! We’ll have a fall green for you too, collards or the Ethiopian kale, Amara.

Spring Hill’s Fall Community Work Day
Saturday, September 14, 12:30-4:30

Join us for a day of work and play, good food and good company! We’ll make soup and cider and bread. Weather permitting, we’ll dig potatoes, harvest squash and clean garlic and more!

 Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, September 10 – Amy & Troy Sinykin, Kathy Steinberger & Jim Young, Cathy Dolan Angela Gustafson, Peter McAllister
Friday, September 13 – Claudine Arndt & Mike McCloskey, Mark & Pam Werley, Michael and Mary Vanderford, Sandy & Roger Clarke, NEED ONE!