Week #9 Tuesday, August 7 – Saturday, August 11, 2018

Farm News
About a half an inch of rain came down on the farm over the course of the last week.  Not as much as we’d hoped for but a nice drink for the newly transplanted and seeded crops.  We’ll take it!

On this week’s list, we’ve got the onion harvest.  First step is to knock the onions.  Once we notice that a significant portion of the onion tops are falling over on their own, we head to the field with rakes and knock down (sort of a folding over of the greens) the rest.  We let them die back like that for a week or so.  Next step is pulling them.  We like to see that we’ve got a dry stretch in the forecast (which we do) and then we (typically with a group of farm members) pull the onions out and lay them out in windrows to begin curing.  Once the tops have dried down, we (again typically with members) pull the tops and bag them, bringing them up to the greenhouse to hang out with the garlic.  The shallots have already been pulled and the storage onions have been knocked down.  We’re hoping to pull and layout a bunch of those storage onions with Tuesday’s crew and we’ll continue to whittle away at the rest over the next while.  The onions are a great many hands job!

Tomatoes are coming in strong.  We’ll continue to send a carton for each share and we’ll send a box in of extras as long we there are “extras” and we have room available.  This year we’ve got Estiva, Geronimo, Jetsetter, Damsel, Taxi, Pink Boar, Jaune Flamme and Green Zebra tomatoes.  It’s a colorful bunch!

In Your Bag

Fresh onions – red tropea and white
Zucchini/Summer squash
Green beans
Salad Mix  with a little kick!
Herbs  cilantro bunch & parsley, dill, basil bunch

From Spring Hill member, Milo 
(son of Alex Fowler & Jon Black)


I go to the farm every year and when I go, I go to see the dogs.  When I first met Sunny (the first dog at the farm), I just would follow him all day.  I didn’t do my chores because I was only like five.  I would go home and say, “I’m tired.”  My mom would calmly say, “Let’s go to sleep.”  Now, I know she was probably thinking, “We were the ones actually doing the work.”

The first time I met Wally, he was going into a mini pipe stream and drinking the water.  I asked Patty and Mike about this stream, they said it was fine, so I just laid off. I usually was begging for the dogs.  I bet Patty and Mike were like, “Sigh.  Here comes Milo.”  That’s my story about the dogs on the farm.

Next Week’s Harvesters:
Tuesday, August 14 – Karen Abraham & Ray Wiedmeyer, Russ Heuckendorf, Divya Karan & Vinay Gidwani, Andrew Koebrick & Christine Douglas, Myrna Tautant & Peg Labore

Saturday, August 18  Cassandra Herold & Martin Perkins, Rachel Brown & Lew Anderson, Nancy Dilts & Dan Philippon, Karin & Reed McEwan, Brian & Kathleen Devore