Week #8 Tuesday, July 31 – Saturday, August 4, 2018

Farm News
We got just one tenth of an inch of rain this past week so irrigating remains a priority.  Baby and adolescent carrots and newly seeded crops are on the top of the list for watering.   We did plant a bunch of cover crops this past week in anticipation of some rain.  It was good to get the cover crop in the fields where spring greens had been planted and harvested but it would be really nice for them to get a good soaking.  It’s very fun to see the buckwheat coming up despite the dry field.
We’ve been busier than you might imagine with planting.  The end of July, beginning of August tends to bring a little push for planting.  Not quite like spring, but enough, as we want a nice mix in the fall bags.  In the last week or so we’ve planted some arugula, a spicy salad mix and cilantro and we’ve transplanted rainbow chard, fennel and basil.  This week we plan to plant some watermelon radish, turnips and more salad greens.  They’ll all want water too so we’re hoping Wednesday’s fifty percent chance of rain brings us something! 
Of course no rain means weed pressure has slowed down significantly so we’re feeling caught up in that regard.  We made enough hay to mulch the raspberries (which are just starting to ripen) and the final planting of cucumbers which will vine out soon and benefit from the mulch. 

In Your Bag:

Kohlrabi, Broccoli (last broccoli until the fall!)
Fresh onions – red tropea and white
New Red Potatoes!
Zucchini/Summer squash
Cucumbers, Garlic
Green beans OR Eggplant
Herbs – Cilantro, Dill

From Spring Hill member, Mary Yee
Potatoes don’t grow on trees, do they?

I am pretty sure my children never asked me this question but I wanted to be certain that it wasn’t sitting in some recess of their brains. So, on the first Spring Hill Farm work day we attended–back in, say, 2002–I jumped up when Mike asked who wanted to harvest potatoes. The three of us walked down to the field with a bunch of other people and started picking up potatoes. Mike had already prepared the way by removing the green tops and harrowing the field so that we could see the potatoes emerging from the loosened soil. It was like finding buried treasure. We picked and picked. I think we had mesh bags for the potatoes and deposited them in a trailer behind Mike’s tractor when the bags were full. I remember it was a beautiful, sunny day. Not too hot. We might have had slightly creaky backs, though. At least I did. Maybe not the kids with their supple spines. We definitely had dirty hands because we hadn’t brought gloves. When we walked back from the field, towards the packing shed, we found cooks preparing vast vats of vegetable soup over open fires. My son was not a fan of vegetables but that evening he enjoyed the soup. He had seen the leeks and carrots and potatoes being chopped and dropped into the tall pots. Somehow, that acquaintance made the soup palatable. And I was sure now that neither child was ever going to ask, “Do potatoes grow on trees?”

Next Week’s Harvesters:
Tuesday, August 7 – Steve Petermeier & Ann Peterson, Nicole Gallagher/Shelly Johnson,  Jacki Betsworth & Faye Fisher Ward,  Elaine Ess,  Sue Poore

Saturday, August 11  Doug Alecci, Shelley Thron & Shelley des Islets,  Brie Reed & Alex Ross-Stuart/Michaela Klein,  Kathleen & Mike Lauer, NEED ONE!