Week #8 Tuesday, August 27 – Friday, August 30, 2019

 Farm News

We rely heavily on weather forecasts. Given how often they’re wrong, it may seem ill advised, but really, those forecasts are all we’ve got when it comes to planning our days and weeks. So, when the forecasts (and we check several) predict an all-day rain on Monday, we believe them. Monday is typically a heavy harvest day as we gather up a good portion of what will be bagged up on Tuesday. Heavy rains and thunderstorms on Monday are a problem, something we need to strategize about. We don’t really mind getting wet, and we do have rain gear, but harvesting when it’s wet and muddy is problematic for all the reasons you can imagine. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, we try to avoid it. We always avoid harvesting, or any work for that matter, when there’s lightening. That’s why Monday’s forecast of heavy rains and thunderstorms forced a change in our plans. Sundays are typically a lighter work day on the farm. We often have a couple of things to harvest, crops that are picked on an everyday or every other day schedule like cucumbers and zucchini and beans. There may also be some field work to catch up on or a weeding project to tackle, but it’s a different pace, peppered with cooking and laundry and visits with friends and family. Monday’s forecast changed our Sunday. We set aside our leisurely Sunday pace to harvest much of Tuesday’s vegetables and considered what to do on Monday if it was indeed storming. By Sunday evening the forecasters had shifted the rain start to Monday at 11am and by Monday at 11am the prediction was for rain to start at 5pm. Monday became a bonus day! Cover crops were planted where carrots and cucumbers had grown. The tomato hoop house was cultivated and the new hoop house prepped for fall greens. All good! 

 In Your Bag

Yellow Onions
Green Beans
(or possibly beets)
green & yellow
Bell & Jalapeno Peppers
Box of Slicer tomatoes + Pint of Salad Tomatoes

Veggie Notes

This is indeed the last of the green beans for this season. It may be the last of the melons too. It’s been a good run though! We’ve got red potatoes for you this week. Next time we send potatoes, it’ll be the Satinas, a yellow potato. Our final planting of cucumbers is ready. They are the same variety as the last round, but for some reason, they’re coming in short and stubby. They still make a wonderful cucumber salad! This week we’ve got a nice cabbage for you along with carrots and peppers and cilantro, all the makings of a summer coleslaw. Or, try Avery’s recipe for baked cabbage included in this week’s newsletter. It’s a favorite at her home! This bag also has the makings of fresh salsa with plenty of tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro.

Looking Ahead to Next Week 

As we enter September, we’re planning to send the first of the Roma tomatoes. We think we’ll be able to keep going with the salad tomatoes but the slicers are slowing way down. It looks to me like we may have cauliflower, broccoli and I think it’s time for a round of Shishito peppers!

Spring Hill’s Fall Community Work Day

Saturday, September 14, 12:30-4:30 Join us for a day of work and play, good food and good company! We’ll make soup and cider and bread. Weather permitting, we’ll dig potatoes, harvest squash and clean garlic and more! 

 Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, September 3 – Stacie Warejoncas, Carrie Pomeroy & Brian Berg, Randi Roth & Mike Bander, Martha Joy and John Cushing, Kathleen Weflen & Lou Ferreri 

Friday, August 30 – Peg LaBore & Myrna Tautant & Rosemarie Merrigan, Hermann Weinlick, Laurie Reed, Michele Gersich & John Hartman, Kate Kysar