Week #8 Tuesday, August 25 – Friday, August 28, 2020

In Your Bag

Yellow Onions

Green Beans

Peppers – green bell, sweet red & yellow, jalapenos
– green and/or yellow
Kalebrationa bunch of tender mixed kale
a pint of salad tomatoes and a bag with romas and red slicers
Herb bunch – Italian parsley, thyme, basil

Coming soon!
Shishito peppers again next week. Potatoes will likely be back.  It should be another big week for tomatoes and we’ll probably have some leeks as well.  We’re hoping for another week from the melon patch and we’re keeping on eye on a planting of arugula.  Our final planting of beans will be coming in a week or two, this time it will be Romanos.  

Farm News
Every year some of the most important decisions we make are varietal selections.  Disease resistance, flavor, suitability to our valley climate, reliability, and yield are some of the important criteria we use when selecting the years vegetable varieties.  Most often, when we find something that works well, we stay with it.  There are very few things which we have control over in the garden, but what we plant is definitely one of the most important!  We are, of course, always trialing new varieties, either because it has a such a great write up and picture in the seed catalog, or other growers have given it a strong recommendation.  Sometimes, the inspiration comes from unusual places.  The Shishito pepper, for example, first came to our attention a few years ago in a cooking magazine.  (My recollection was Bon Appetit, but I could be just making that up!) In any case, we took notice and it has proven to be a reliable performer every year, and one of our favorite summertime treats Watch for another batch in a week or two.  This week’s melon, although somewhat new to us, has done well in all kinds of conditions, including last year’s near perfect growing season and now this year’s weather extremes.  This is how Johnny’s Selected seeds describes it in their catalog:
Personal-size and widely adapted. Sugar Cube lives up to its name with intensely sweet flavor. Very uniform, heavily netted 2–2 1/2 lb. fruits with deep-orange, aromatic flesh perfect for single servings. A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream dropped in the seed cavity makes a sublime summer treat. Strong disease package and long harvest window. Well-suited for northern and southern regions. Harvest at full-slip (when a gentle tug removes the fruit from the vine). High resistance to Fusarium wilt races 0–2, powdery mildew, and watermelon mosaic virus; intermediate resistance to papaya ringspot virus and zucchini yellow mosaic virus.

After the deluge of July, we didn’t know what to expect, but this week’s harvest looks solid—whew!  Watch for these little gems in this week’s delivery and savor summertime!  We are also excited about a new product this week called Kalebration, also from Johnny’s Seeds. This is less of a variety choice but a rather innovative way to grow and eat kale. The seed is several kale varieties mixed together, grown and harvested as a bunch— perfect for a summer salad. (See this week’s recipes) We planted the seeds—four to five seeds into little fiber pots which were later transplanted. The grower’s guidelines suggested direct seeding in a two inch band, but the wet conditions didn’t permit us to enter in the field in late July, so we thought we could try and transplant it, grow it for a couple of weeks on the hay rack before needing to get it into the ground.  This technique allowed us to get ample growth time for a late August harvest,  This little bunch is then harvested and banded with all the different varieties together and sent to you as is.  Let us know what you think!