Week #7 Tuesday, August 20 – Friday, August 23, 2019

Farm News 

Every Tuesday and Friday is mini work day at the farm. It’s a day when several households make their way out to the farm and work together to make sure each farm member expecting a bag of vegetables actually gets one. The way we approach the day has evolved over the years. In the beginning, when there were just about 20-40 shares to pack each week, we did all the harvesting, washing and packing on the day the vegetables were delivered. As we added more shares and purchased a walk-in cooler, that changed. Tender greens are harvested the day before delivery giving them a chance to cool before their trip to the city. Many vegetables – zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, beans and melons – benefit from being picked more frequently than the twice a week delivery days. They are typically picked every other day and stored in the cooler. Some vegetables are still picked the day of delivery, but are often harvested before people arrive while temperatures are still cool. They stand ready to be washed, trimmed, or bagged as more hands arrive. Herbs are an exception. It’s not unusual for a group to head to the field to pick and bunch basil or parsley. In addition to the all the work we do together in the pack shed, cleaning up onions and scallions, bagging beans and carrots, making the garlic look beautiful, there is often a work project ready to go for those interested in some field work. This year members have taken on mulching and harvesting garlic, transplanting and weeding. Last Friday’s crew brought a couple of loads of onions in from the field and set them out to dry in the greenhouse. These are all great many hands projects. Of course, amidst the work, recipes are exchanged, books and favorite podcasts shared and politics discussed. Always, always, always a delicious potluck lunch follows the work. We are so fortunate to have a community of people willing to share in the work. What a pleasure!

 In Your Bag

Red Tropea & Yellow Onions
Green beans
green & yellow
Bell & Jalapeno Peppers
Box of Slicer tomatoes + Pint of Salad Tomatoes
White Russian Kale

 Veggie Notes

As Kristin (who compiles the recipes) says, “looks like it’s a ratatouille week!” Eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, they’re all there. Check out the recipe she found. There’s also a recipe for zucchini quesadillas which looks pretty intriguing. Enjoy the green beans. We may have them next week. It’s also possible this is the last of them. We’ll see how it goes. The White Russian Kale has a little cosmetic damage. Ignore that, it’s so tender! Thinly slice for a nice salad or chop it and add at the end of cooking to eggs, a stir-fry or curry. These melons have been picked fully ripe. Eat ‘em up now or keep them in the refrigerator until you do! 

 Looking Ahead to Next Week 

We’re thinking we’ll have a cabbage, carrots and cilantro for you next week. It looks like there will be one more week of melons. We’ll keep the tomatoes coming as long as we can. 

 Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, August 27- Amy Cichanowski & Marc Beitz, Susan Schonfeld, Bernadette Knaeble, Anne Holzinger & Caron Moore, Carla Urban 

Friday, August 30 – Cassandra Herold & Martin Perkins, Elaine & Lary May, Amy & Ryan Woldt, Shelley Thron & Shelley desIslets, Julie Glanton