Week #6 Tuesday, July 17 – Saturday, July 21, 2018

Farm News

We’ve been working on the garlic harvest this past week.  With the help of Erin and Micah and plenty of farm members, much of the garlic is laid out in the greenhouse for curing.  Tomorrow’s crew should come close to completing the task.  Many hands have made light work.  Yes!!

Today we picked the first of the green beans and the first tomatoes.   At some point bean picking will get old but today it felt good.  The eyes and fingers went right to work, spotting the beans, then quickly wrapping fingers around the beans and over time, filling the bucket and filling it again, an occasional one in the mouth for sustenance.  Mindless, mindful work –a number of our tasks fall into that category.  Beans for sure, carrot weeding, berry picking.  They require just enough concentration to keep the mind focused, but plenty of space for conversation or contemplation if you like.  

Our annual stand-off with the deer is at its peak.  The neighborhood deer have broadened their tastes over time from just beans and beets and lettuce to include most vegetables now.  It’s what you’d appreciate seeing in a growing child– that exploration of flavors–and not so much in the deer.  We currently have fences around cucumbers, beans, beets, broccoli/cabbage, carrots and melons with plans to fence in the Brussels sprouts as well.  So far the greedy critters are leaving the pepper/tomato/eggplant section alone and the same goes for the winter squash.  They’ve sampled onions and leeks but have moved on. 

The fences we use are powered by the sun though we have more fences than energizers.  Our plan is to keep them guessing about which fences have the juice, thus “encouraging” them to stay in the woods and on the edges of the fields where there really is plenty for them to browse thereby leaving the vegetables for all of you. 
Cross your fingers … and your toes!

In Your Bag:

Zucchini/Summer squash
Green beans
Tomatoes  – just the beginning!
Mixed Herb bunch

Coming Soon

Look for some new potatoes soon!  Eggplant and peppers are coming along.  More beans and tomatoes!

Next Week’s Harvesters:

Tuesday, July 24 – Roger & Suzanne Dahl, Susan Schonfeld & Doug Hicks, Peter McAllister, Diane Clayton & Colleen Bell, Barnes/Carlson family
Saturday, July 28 – Marilee & Paul Tuite, Joseph Mitchell & Mache Holliday-Mitchell ,  Ian Young & Katherine Ingram, Marilyn Johnson & Dave Bostrom, Carolyn & Rick VandenDolder