Week #6 Tuesday, August 13 – Friday, August 16, 2019

 Farm News

It’s been mid-season garden clean-up week on the farm. We mowed down the early broccoli patch. The first bean plantings got the same treatment. Cucumbers are next in line. The onion tops have flopped over (in some cases with a little help), a signal that they have stopped growing and are ready to be moved out of the garden and into storage. We’ll be working on getting them out of the field over the next week or so. As the days shorten some and the nighttime temps cool a bit, the growth in the gardens slow down. Most of our days now are spent harvesting, with just a small amount of time allotted for weeding, etc. However, we still continue to transplant and plant some fast-growing fall crops such as Swiss chard, beets, Black Spanish Radish and our favorite green from last year: Amara! Amara is sometimes referred to as Ethiopian kale, or Texel greens. Whatever you call it, it is delightful with a mild taste suitable for salad or cooking. We just planted a bed of Amara, and plan to plant another in the hoop house in about a week or so. Look for it in September and, in the meantime, enjoy the tomatoes, peppers and melons! A really big planting this past week was peas and oats (a traditional forage mix for grazing animals) in the pollinator patch. This cover crop will grow to about 18”to 24” yet this year before dying back in the fall. This will help hold the soil in place, keep soil temperatures moderate and provide a nice planting environment next spring for the Monarch Habitat with no more tillage required. 

 In Your Bag: 

Purple Viking Potatoes
Red Tropea & Yellow Onions
(or perhaps beets)
Zucchinigreen & yellow
Bell & Jalapeno Peppers
Box of Slicer tomatoes + Pint of Salad Tomatoes

Veggie Notes

These melons have been picked fully ripe. Eat ‘em up now or keep them in the refrigerator until you do! More will be coming. It looks to be a great melon year! This is the last of the cucumbers and broccoli for a bit. We have later plantings of both so look for them later in the season. The Purple Viking Potatoes have a creamy white flesh. They’re yummy baked, roasted or mashed. It looks like we’re hitting the height of the tomato season. Enjoy!

Looking Ahead to Next Week 

So, it’s beets NEXT week. I had thought it would be this week, but no, it’s next week (except for a few of you who may get beets if we run out of broccoli). We’ll have green beans for you as well, more peppers and tomatoes, possibly eggplant and potatoes; of course, onions and garlic too! Of Note: Harvest/Delivery Days We have a number of slots to fill for harvest/delivery days, most immediately, Tuesdays, August 20th & 27th and Tuesday, September 3rd. If you haven’t signed up for your day as yet, please do! E-mail Michele at mgersich@att.net to sign-up for your work day at the farm. 

Spring Hill Bags

We need them! Please remember to return your bag(s) to your pick-up site. 

 Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, August 20- Janet Peters & Alan Torborg, Sue Poore & Desmond, Jacki & George Betsworth, Sherm Eagles & Sue Conner, NEED ONE! 

Friday, August 23 – Leah & Paul Robinson, Angie & Andrew Barker, Rachel Brown & Lew Anderson, Nancy Dilts & Dan Philippon, Abby Nesbitt family