Week #5 Tuesday, July 10 – Saturday, July 14, 2018

Farm News

The garlic harvest has officially begun!  We began by putting the shade cloth on the greenhouse in preparation for transforming the greenhouse from a house of growing plants to a home for curing garlic.   Mike hooked up the potato digger (or in this case the garlic digger) to the tractor and we all headed to the garlic patch to begin.  Garlic has remained one of our favorite crops to grow and each stage of its growth has become a marker of sorts.  Garlic tasks bookend the growing season for us.  In early spring we wait and watch (and worry), checking for the first green tips of the garlic plant to poke through the ground.  “Garlic’s up and looks good!” are often words that begin the spring growing season.  Planting garlic in the fall is the last big task of the year and marks the first planting for season to come.  And other things too.  Garlic scapes are often found in the first bags we send soon to be followed by fresh garlic and then cured garlic.  We may skip a week or two but most weeks, you’ll find Spring Hill garlic in your bag.  Garlic harvest inevitably occurs when it’s beastly hot outside and even hotter in the greenhouse where we lay it out for curing.  Getting to the other side of garlic harvest often feels like a turning point in the season.  There’s less planting to do and more harvesting.  Even cultivation, while important, becomes not quite so urgent at this time.  The early greens garden is typically about to be put to rest, beans are coming in and we can see that the summer crops (tomatoes and peppers and eggplant) are not too far off.  That feeling of running downhill begins to feel more like running on level ground; plenty to do but less frantic.

Ever freeze basil? You can puree the basil with olive oil (1 cup basil/1T olive oil in a food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays or plops on a cookie sheet.  Store your cubes or plops in a freezer bag or freezer-safe container and enjoy basil all winter long!

In Your Bag:

Zucchini/Summer squash OR Eggplant
Red Russian Kale
Big Basil Bunch

From Peggy Abram:
Why I Belong to a CSA?  
It’s been a trying day, I’m beat, feeling like I should order pizza and crawl under the covers. Anything in the fridge that could be dinner? Wrapped in damp paper towel some green lettuce and lettuce with red/almost black leaves…and piquant red radishes and enormous scallions too…salad done (or, should I add the kohlrabi too?).  I pull a pizza crust from the freezer, and find curlicues of garlic scapes to chop and saute, then add the tossled handful of radish greens and a bit of the deep green kale leaves too…the crust is readied with a layer of grated cheese, sautéed greens and scapes on top? VOILA! Delicious, fragrant, local, healthy, not to mention sustenance…I am revived by a multitude of CSA veggies!

This Week’s Bingo Challenge

Use a new part of a vegetable.  Try peeling your broccoli stems to make stir fry, saving your onion skins (or green onion tops) for soup stock, or using your kale stems as a compostable shish kabob skewer for the grill.  Get creative!

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, July 17 – Susan Conner & Sherman Eagles, Patrick & Sara Wright, Mary Dolan O’Brien & Clark Furlong, Sean & Mallory O’Brien, Poppele & Bergerson, Brenda Beyer 

Saturday, July 21 – Noah & Jess Holm , Ian Whitney & Laura Murphy, Amy & Lee Friedman, Liz Farrell, Marilee Light & Katie Aafedt