Week #5 Tuesday, August 6 – Friday, August 9, 2019

 Farm News

Many people have been asking us how this year’s farm changes are working for us. Last season we came to the conclusion that the work load and our energy levels no longer matched up. We needed to make some changes. We met with Spring Hill’s Core Group a couple of times last fall to begin tossing around ideas. We came to that first meeting with a proposal and they first listened and then asked really good questions. After taking time to ponder that discussion, a new and very different proposal emerged. We shifted from an 18-20 week season to 14 weeks, beginning in July rather than mid-June. Those extra weeks in June gave us time to get more plants in the ground and early cultivations and mulching done before harvesting began. What a huge difference that made in garden maintenance. Although there’s still some areas of the garden that are weedier than we’d like, and more mulching to do, it hasn’t felt like the same uphill battle that it has in years’ past. We also shifted from a Tuesday/Saturday vegetable delivery season to a Tuesday/Friday rotation. We wanted to have more flexible time on the weekends so that when our children and grandchildren came to visit, we could relax with them. We do still work on the weekends but it’s a different pace and we appreciate that a ton. In addition, we wanted to create time and space to think about the land beyond the gardens; the woods, the wetlands and the spaces in between. There’s so much more to think about and do in this regard, but we are starting with the pollinator and monarch planting mentioned in last week’s newsletter. Thanks for supporting the changes!

 In Your Bag: 

Red Tropea & Yellow Onions
Wax beans
green & yellow
Spicy Salad Mix
Colorful tomato mix!
Mixed herb bunch

Veggie Notes: We debated about the eggplant. We know it’s not everyone’s favorite. We know it’s the third week in a row. But, it’s so beautiful and it wouldn’t keep for another week in the garden. Try making some ratatouille, or baba ganoush or capanota or grilling it or, if need be, sharing with a neighbor! It’s been an amazing year for broccoli. This may be it until fall, possibly one final batch next week. If it’s too much, try freezing it.

Looking Ahead to Next Week 

Next week beets and bell peppers will make a showing, maybe jalapenos too. Look for more tomatoes and a nice bunch of arugula. We’re keeping a close eye on the melons. Soon! 

 Next Week’s Harvesters: 

Tuesday, August 13 – Beth Franzen, Lynne & Hans Dekker, Claudia Egelhoff & Jennifer Trombley, Loosen/Veeder family, Russ Heuckendorf, John Cushing & Martha Joy & Jordan Cushing 

Friday, August 16 – Doug Alecci, Athena Adkins, Billing Family, Melissa Partin & Brian Martinson, Robin Preble & Dan Hedlund