Week #5 Tuesday, August 4 – Friday, August 7, 2020

In Your Bag
Red Potatoes,
Fresh White & Red Onions
Wax beans
Zucchini – green and/or yellow,
Bright Lights Chard,

Most produce has been rinsed at the farm, you’ll want to wash it at home. 

Coming soon!
I’m pretty sure we’ll have peppers of some kind for you next week.   Shishito peppers, Anaheims and Jalapenos are all looking about ready for harvest.  The bell peppers are lagging behind.  Our best guess is that their blossoms and early fruits dropped in all the rain.  They’re setting fruit now so they’ll be some of those eventually!  We are regularly checking the melons.  They are sizing up but no sign of ripeness yet.   Soon, we hope!  

Farm News
The rain has stopped at last!  What a relief.  We had 15 inches of rain in one month here on the farm.  That’s just under half of what we might expect in a year.  It was too much. 

We are beginning to dig out and that feels good.  We sat down and re-worked our fall planting plans to adjust for the fact that we were unable to get into the fields to plant for most of the last month.  Finally, we got the fields prepped and even transplanted a few of the things that have been sitting on our hayrack begging to be planted, a red napa cabbage, a green cabbage and some leeks for the fall.  Next up is a round of beets, some Bright Lights chard and a kale mix. We mowed down several plantings of broccoli that succumbed to disease in the wet conditions and, having harvested the crops in our spring field, we were able to mow down what had become a weedy mess, getting it ready for a cover crop. We may even be able to tackle some things that have been on the to-do list for weeks, it seems:  fence the winter squash, write thank you cards, wheelhoe in the cabbages, make hay, trellis the raspberries. 

It hasn’t been an easy year. I think most of us can say that.  Even though we’re not seeing some of you each week, we are so cognizant of your support of us and of this farm. We knew this year was going to be different. With the core group’s help and the support of our pick-up site hosts, we put together a plan and logistically, it’s all working. Of course we miss seeing you. Of course we miss the rich conversations and the yummy potlucks and all the work we did together. But, we’re working with what we’ve been given and we know you’re there with us. We feel that strongly and it’s important to us. We love getting your notes and e-mails and seeing the pictures you’re posting on Facebook.   They are what carries us as we head out to the field. 

It has been good eating lately though, hasn’t it? Mike and I take turns cooking and this is the time of year when it’s really fun and easy to cook. I love that.    Refrigerator pickles, roasted vegetables, simple salads, fresh salsas, coleslaw have all been making their way to our table. Kristin’s recipes, Larry & Katy’s cooking videos from the website and Jess’ compilation of recipes on Spring Hill’s website have all been useful. Check them out!

I hope you are all well.  Stay in touch.  We love hearing from you.