Week #4 Tuesday, July 3 – Saturday, July 7, 2018

 Farm News

We’ve been negotiating storms and heat all week. Generally that’s been good for the garden and a bit tough on those who work it. Once again, I’d like a pause button; this time for the broccoli and lettuce. Each winter we carefully put together a planting schedule based on what we’d like to see in a bag and the “days to maturity” of a given variety. We like to make sure there’s a good mix of veggies even in those early bags which lean heavily on greens. We work to give them some heft with beets and napa cabbage and bok choy. We plan for lettuce varieties that do well (or at least better) in the heat. This week’s summer crisp varieties are an example of that. We plant broccoli weekly for six weeks early on for the spring/summer crop (more coming in the fall) planting spring varieties first and then shifting to summer. We try to get some form of onions in each bag so we plant three rounds of green onions in the spring with the hope of getting six weeks out of them, ending just as the early white onions are ready to go. We like to start with fresh whites and reds and when those are done, we move on to the yellow onions. We work to space out vegetables like kohlrabi, turnips, fennel, pac choy and napa cabbage – some of the vegetables that are perhaps less familiar. After much encouragement from all of you we are conscious about spacing the cabbage giving you a chance to use one before the next one arrives. You get the idea. There’s a fair bit of consideration and planning that happens before seeds are planted. Just so you know, things never go as planned! This crazy heat combined with regular rains bunches up the broccoli and lettuce. Disappointingly our sugar snap peas have been a bust. We got ½ week from our earliest planting and the second one succumbed to disease. We’ve tried to pick what was still good and send it as “extras.” The overall garden picture is good – more than good really. Most crops like rain and heat. We just need to keep up with it all! 

 In Your Bag

Broccoli Zucchini/Summer squash
Summer Crisp Lettuce
Rainbow Chard

Bingo Challenge 

You wrote in to the newsletter to let us know why you belong to a CSA!

 From Kari Hansen: Why CSA? Here is the short list…
The first real day of summer:
a full bag of greens from field to farm
to host’s porch,
to our fridge. 

The incredible smell of fresh basil and cilantro. 

A most grounded and quietly joyous day of our summer: the Spring Hill work day. 

Two years ago, a Spring Hill video… and eating beets for the first time. Still am! 

Chopping zucchini, garlic and tomatoes. Repeat. 

Fresh potent-flavored homemade minestrone soup- all CSA veggies. 

Our CSA is a summer highlight all summer long… (and into fall…)

From Beth Franzen:
The food, the people….it’s what makes America great! 

From Peggy Steif Abram:
It’s been a trying day, I’m beat, feeling like I should order pizza and crawl under the covers. Anything in the fridge that could be dinner? Wrapped in damp paper towel some green lettuce and lettuce with red/almost black leaves…and piquant red radishes and enormous scallions too…salad done (or, should I add the kohlrabi too?).  I pull a pizza crust from the freezer, and find curlicues of garlic scapes to chop and saute, then add the tossled handful of radish greens and a bit of the deep green kale leaves too…the crust is readied with a layer of grated cheese, sautéed greens and scapes on top? VOILA! Delicious, fragrant, local, healthy, not to mention sustenance…I am revived by a multitude of CSA veggies!

Thanks for providing so much to our lives, Patty and Mike!

 This Week’s Bingo Challenge 

Go beyond veggies – try some local eggs, cheese, meat, or grains. Farmer’s markets are a great place to start! 

 Next Week’s Harvesters
Tuesday, July 10
– Barry Schade,Louise Hotka & Jill Meyer, Robin Schow & Robbie Bray, Patricia Turner, Sandy & Roger Clarke, Jacki Betsworth & George Hunt
Saturday, July 14 – Lynne & Hans Dekker, Linda & Chuck Oberg, Rebecca & Douglas ParrellShelley Thron & Shelley des Islets, Kris & Luther Mazer, Kathleen Sullivan