Week #3 Tuesday, July 23 – Friday, July 26, 2019

Farm News

More and more of our time is spent harvesting.  This is good.  It’s why we plant crops in the first place.  It also feels a little funny in an odd sort of way.  We begin our planning in January, order seeds in February, start up the greenhouse in March, begin field work in April, plant, plant, plant, weed, weed, weed in May and June and then by the end of July, we’re actually putting parts of the garden to bed.  How quickly it all goes.  It’s a bit like spending a good chunk of time preparing a meal, gathering friends and family, and before you know it, the meal is over.  It’s delicious, just finished up way too soon!  

Right now we’re focused on the garlic harvest with the hope of being done by the end of the week.  As soon as the garlic’s out, we’ll  look for a window to prepare and plant that garden to a cover crop.  The greenhouse, once filled with plants, is now home to the garlic as it cures. 

We did have to pause the garlic harvest midstream after a major storm blew through our region on Friday night; not too much wind damage here (tree branches rather than trees) but major stuff just to the north.  Trees down everywhere, major power outages, lots of clean-up work.  Although we didn’t get much damage, the storm came with over three inches of rain, and that was on top of the two inches we had last week.  The ground was more than saturated.  We hope to get back at the garlic harvest on Tuesday!

In Your Bag:

New Red Potatoes
Fresh garlic!
Fresh White & Red Tropea Onions
green and yellow
Collard greens or Red Russian Kale
Fresh herbs

Veggie Notes:

Fresh white and red onions this week!  These mild onions are great for salads and sandwiches.  You may notice some tearing on the lettuce leaves, particularly the red lettuce.  That’s the result of Friday’s storm.  The inner leaves look fine.  Some of the red potatoes are a little scabby.  The damage is cosmetic only and they are oh, so tasty!  The skins are not set on these new potatoes.  Plan to eat them sooner rather than later.  Try Kristin’s recipe! All the rain has kept the broccoli sweet and tender.  Pam Werley passed along a recipe for broccoli salad , a “must share” she said.    

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Look for green beans next week and maybe the first of the tomatoes too!  Eggplant may also make a showing.  We’ve got beautiful heads of green cabbage taking shape.  They may be ready next week.  We’ll have carrots too, a spicy salad mix and onions and garlic too.

Next Week’s Harvesters:

Tuesday, July 30 – Joelle & Carson Hoeft, Barry Schade, Hannah Steblay & Robin Schow,  Robbie Bray, Jane, Joan, Rebecca & Micheal Thompson

Friday, August 2  Max & Samir Keller,  Kathy & Mike Lauer, Michonne Bertrand, Sean & Mallory O’Brien/Mary Dolan O’Brien & Clark Furlong, Alex Fowler, Jon and Milo Black.