Week #3 Tuesday, July 21 – Friday, July 24, 2020

In Your Bag
New Potatoes, Carrots
Garlic, Fresh White & Red Onions
Green Beans, Cucumbers
Zucchini – green and/or yellow
Lettuce (Red & Green), Arugula,
Dill, Parsley/Thyme/Basil bunch
Most produce has been rinsed at the farm, you’ll want to wash it at home. 

Coming soon!
We’re hoping for a cabbage next week along with carrots and more fresh onions – coleslaw time! Our second planting of beans is a wax bean.  They’re not too far away and it looks like more broccoli is on its way.

Farm News
The garlic crop is in, safely tucked into the greenhouse where it is drying down. We pushed hard on Friday to get it done before more rain came that night and then again Saturday night. It’s been a little tricky trying to get field work done.  Every time the ground starts to dry out, more rain comes. It looks like more of the same this week. We’re trying to play catch up as we can, taking advantage of the small windows to plant and cultivate. It can be frustrating seeing all the plants on the trailer waiting to be planted and watching weeds grow while we’re unable to get in and cultivate. All in good time. All in good time. 

As I made the first round of deliveries with Tyler… pick-up site hosts – Susan and Jim in the Seward neighborhood – kindly gave us a print with a barn and silo, rain clouds hovering overhead, and the title of Wisconsin author, Jerry App’s book, “Never Curse the Rain, A Farm Boy’s Reflections on Water.” I try to remember to not curse the rain. That hasn’t been so easy these past few weeks and I find myself wondering if the rains of Jerry App’s days on the farm looked different than the rains we’re experiencing now.  

Cucumbers! I can’t say that we fully solved the mystery, but we are getting cucumbers! A couple of conversations with nearby neighbors revealed that they had similar issues with their cux leading us to believe that it was weather related as opposed to an issue particular to our farm and fields. It helps to know that.  

We’ve been scheming about how to make some adjustments to our field and planting schedules given the impact of the rain. We took part of one garden out of production and put it into cover crop right after the 7” inch rain. The open beds were to be planted over time with directed seeded greens and it just wasn’t going to work to have those beds open so we’re looking at alternatives.  Perhaps some bok choy for the fall, maybe some late kohlrabi and more kale, all crops that can be transplanted into bio-mulch and potentially mulched rather than direct seeded into open ground. It’s a new puzzle we’re working with and we’re trying to figure out how these new pieces fit together.  

In the wildlife world, Patty’s had a couple of bear sightings this year, a young one sauntering through the onion patch and one older fellow back near the cabin in the woodsWe have a new swallow hanging out at the farm this year, a cliff swallow – cliff swallows actually. They’ve built a really cool mud nest with a circular entrance right at the peak of the Community Building. The barn swallows, manage to build a nest or two in the shed every year, just had “fledgling day” last week. As the babes learned to fly, we found them hanging out with us on the ledges of the hoop house as we picked beans nearby.  Monarchs are happily (it seems so anyway) fluttering their way around the place and we are enjoying watching them. We must have a couple of cranes nesting nearby because they’re flying overhead a couple of times every day with that distinctive honk of theirs. It all keeps us pretty entertained as we go about our work.