Week #2 Tuesday, July 14 – Friday, July 17, 2020

In Your Bag
Fennel, Beets
Fresh garlic, Spring Onions
Zucchini – green and/or yellow
Broccoli, Lettuce – green & red
Beet Greens OR Swiss Chard
Cilantro, Basil

Most produce has been rinsed at the farm, and you’ll want to wash it at home. 

Spring Hill Bags
It’s important to us that you wash your bag (using unscented soap please) and return it each week. There’s a box at each pick-up site for returned bags. Tyler will be picking them up each week and we’ll be counting on getting them back to pack next week’s bag. Thanks again to those who sewed a flap into each bag.  We think it’s working to keep the veggies fresh!

Farm News
We’re adjusting to the new rhythms and systems on the farm.  It’s required lots of planning and thinking about how to creatively get our work done while following protocols we’ve set forth to do what we can to protect our co-workers, Spring Hill members and ourselves.  There’s the delivery system which most of you can imagine looks entirely different.  Rather than a group gathered around a wash tub sharing stories while cleaning and bunching green onions, we have two tubs separated by a good ten feet, one person at each one cleaning, washing, bunching.  Rather than a line full of people of all ages, each one stationed at a tub of vegetables, three of us, socially distanced, walk the line of vegetables each filling the bag start to finish. We set it down for Tyler, who tucks the flap in and carefully and efficiently packs the van. We’re getting it figured out, but it sure is different! In the fields too, we’re adjusting so that we can tend to tasks while physically distancing ourselves from each other. We find we do more tasks individually. Sometimes we have to remind each other of the need to distance. Sometimes Mike and I find ourselves distancing from each other! I think it’s fair to say we’re all doing our best to work with it. We fully understand that we are quite fortunate to live and work where we do and to have your support as we muddle through.

We continue to see the impact of the 7” rain of a few weeks back. Over the first couple of days, we could see which gardens were hit especially hard. We figured we had lost a newly seeded carrot bed. A couple of more days out and we came to understand that a couple of newly transplanted crops had to go.  They essentially drowned in too much water. Now we’re noticing a lack of nutrition in some of the older crops. That much rain can drive nutrients deep into the soil making them unavailable to the growing plant. Further exacerbating this issue, plant roots sitting in water can die off, again weakening the plant as it’s unable to access the nutrition it needs. Finally we’re concerned about disease. That much moisture, followed by heat and humidity is a set-up for plant disease. We’re seeing a little in the broccoli but hoping that cooler weather and less humidity will settle things down.

On the bright side, we started the garlic harvest yesterday and hope to finish later this week. It looks to be a lovely crop and we are always extra thankful for a good garlic harvest!!

On the mysterious side, our cucumbers are not producing at the moment.  They are beautiful, healthy plants with no mature fruits. We have several theories and will keep you posted.

Some adjustments to make, some good stuff, some hard stuff, a mystery to solve. That about sums it up!

Hoping you’re well!  Stay in touch.