Week #14 Tuesday, September 11 – Saturday, September 15, 2018

Farm News

Harvesting.  Our work these days is harvesting.  Garden clean-up too, but mostly harvesting with plenty of digging and picking and washing and even some bunching.  We did make some hay over the weekend, about a hundred and fifty bales or so, that we’ll use next spring.  We’d been waiting for a break in the rain for haymaking and finally we got it.  This time of year you need a good four day stretch between mowing and baling for the hay to dry. That’s been hard to come by – until the end of last week. It’s been quite a stretch of sunny and warm so we took advantage of it to slip in a little haymaking. We know we’ll be grateful in the spring to have it on hand.

Saturday, along with a great crew of pickers and packers, the bee team arrived to harvest honey. Brenda and Bob and Janet suited up and headed out to the hives about the same time we all began cleaning onions, bagging carrots and washing peppers. Spring Hill has two hives that sit at the far end of the valley and Spring Hill’s Bee Team of Brenda, Bob, Janet, Cathy, Cindy and Maria have tended them throughout the season. We often see the honeybees doing their work in the zucchini and cucumbers and raspberries. This fall they’ve been thick in the flowering fields of buckwheat. What a treat to watch them! Brenda’s been doing the coordinating of beekeepers and bee tending and Bob has lent his expertise to the crew. A huge thanks to the team for their work and enthusiasm.  I think we’ll have at least a couple of the team on hand at our fall work day to answer your questions about bees and beekeeping! 

On the home front, we’ve been working to get some food on the shelves and in the freezer for the winter.  We celebrated Claire and Wyatt’s (our twin grandbabies) first birthday and David’s (our son) twenty-seventh.  How did that happen??

In Your Bag

Russet Potatoes
Yellow onions
Sweet Peppers  yellow & red – both long & tapered
Poblano Peppersdark green, tapered
Jalapeno Pepper
Roma Tomatoes/Tomatoes
Rainbow Chard

Coming Soon

Leeks and winter squash next week!  We’ll probably have carrots and pretty peppers too.

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday,September 18  Janet Peters & Alan Torborg, Mary Yee, Candace & Dan Barras, Conrad Sowder, Mary & Brian Green

Saturday, September 22  Amy Votava & David Hemphill, Jess Nelson & Joe Slag, Shannon O’Brien, Kristin & Brendon Dennewill, Anne Holzinger & Sue Illg