Week #13 Tuesday, September 4 – Saturday, September 8, 2018

Farm News

People often ask us what’s done well this year and what’s been a challenge.  In the “done well” column this year, we could put broccoli – for sure the spring crop.  Peppers have done really well too as have tomatoes.  It looks to be a bumper of a winter squash crop.  Actually the vining crops generally thrived.  You may have noticed that with the cucumbers.   We are very happy to report that the garlic crop was a success which means we’ll have a nice batch for seed this fall.  

In the “bust” column, I’d put peas and spinach.  That hot dry spell in May/early June did not do them any favors.  We tried a new beet variety, Boro, that did not do well for us.  We’ll go back to our Early Wonder Tall Top.  Eggplant was another bust.  We tried a new variety there too and it just did not produce well.  

Another question we’re often asked is, “What are you growing that’s new?”  Sometimes it’s a new crop and sometimes it’s a new variety.  This year we tried and failed with Romanesco, a cauliflower-like crop that’s lime green with pointed, spiraled pinnacles.  Who could resist that in the seed catalog?  I can report that the deer LOVED it!  And that’s all I know about it.  We are also growing something known as cutting celery seed or leaf celery.  A farmer friend gave us some last fall and we chopped it up, froze it, and added it to soups all winter long.  Look for it later this fall.  Black Spanish radishes fall into that same category.  They’re in the ground and growing but not ready for tasting yet.  Look for them in one of the October bags.  Other new things were varietal choices.  We tried a new yellow bean and we were pleased with how it did both in terms of yield and flavor.  We’re just about to harvest the Romano beans so the jury is still out on that one.  It has a rather strange growing habit as though it can’t decide if it’s a bush bean or a pole bean.  As always some winners and some losers and always interesting.

In Your Bag

Melon  (sugar cube – small & sweet – last of the season) 
Yellow onions
Eggplant OR Broccoli OR 2ND Cauliflower
Sweet Peppers  yellow & red – both long & tapered
Bell Pepperred & green
Shishito Peppersgreen & red & wrinkly
Roma Tomatoes

Coming Soon

Looks like the Romano beans and cilantro are going to wait a week before being ready.  I had been predicting this week but it looks like they’ll be coming along next week.  We should have more red and yellow peppers for you and some poblano peppers too.  Winter squash is coming along nicely so look for that soon.  We’ll probably have cauliflower and broccoli and maybe Rainbow chard. 

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday,September 11  Kathy Steinberger & Jim Young, Cindy Hilmoe, Angela Gustafson, Divya Karan & Vinay Gidwani, Heather and Brett Struwe

Saturday, September 15  Karen Ansbaugh/Barb Ryan, Leah & Paul Robinson, Janice Kovala,  Heidi & Joseph Flores, Annalyse and Lucas Dazinger