Week #13 Tuesday, September 29 – Friday, October 2

In Your Bag:
Yellow Potatoes
Butternut Squash

Red Napa Cabbage
Brussels sprouts

Next week:
Spring Hill’s final week of the season will bring more winter squash, potatoes and carrots, a green cabbage, collards and a nice bunch of cheap frills!

Every Other Week Shares, Please Note:
If you pick up a Spring Hill bag of vegetables every other week you are picking up a bag THIS week, then this is your final bag of the season.  Know that we’ve missed working with you washing and packing vegetables.  We so appreciate your support of the farm.  Please stay in touch!  If you pick up a Spring Hill bag every other week and you are NOT picking up a bag this week, then next week will be your last bag of the season. 

Rosemarie Merrigan
Filled with the love of family and friends, Rosemarie Merrigan died on Friday afternoon , September 25th. Rosemarie served on Spring Hill’s Core Group early on and her thoughtfulness and clear vision helped shape the farm. Our hearts are with Rosemarie’s daughter, Maria, her brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Erin, Rosemarie’s dear friends and Spring Hill share partners, Peg and Myrna and the rest of her family and circle of friends. Rosemarie had a very special way about her. She had incredible inner strength, a heart that was true goodness, and a presence that made you feel as though you were all that mattered in that moment. We are so grateful to have known her.  

Farm News
This bag is definitely a fall bag of vegetables. Brussels sprouts are best after a frost or two so when those are in the bag, it’s definitely fall. It felt a little strange for Mike and Erin and I to be doing the sprouts all by ourselves. Popping the sprouts off their stalks and bagging them up has always been a great many hands task and one we often did with members gathered around a table talking about an upcoming election or sharing good winter reads or reflecting on how the season had gone. There have always been some members that  schedule their harvest day in the fall so particular faces come to mind with the Brussels sprouts – the Struwe family, Conrad and Su, Kathleen  & Mark, Phil and Polly, Aurelia, Peggy. We missed you!!

The star of this week’s bag is definitely the red napa cabbage. Red napa cabbage is a new one for us. We had read about it and last winter, as were ordering seeds, it caught our eye. We’re always looking for ways to mix it up a little bit and it’s fun to try new varieties. How about those leaves? That color is amazing!!  (Keep an eye out for slugs. We worked hard to send them slug free, but it’s possible we missed one or two.) Enjoy a lively salad with it and the carrots, kohlrabi and cilantro. Or, try making some colorful kimchi!

The garden work has taken a major shift towards fall clean-up. When we’re not harvesting, we’re out in the fields, taking down deer fencing, putting away tomato cages and getting fall cover crops in, primarily winter wheat at this point. We’re also prepping the ground for next year’s garlic crop. It’s typically around the 10th of October that we look to plant garlic. Prior to that, the field needs to be prepped and the garlic sorted and popped.  Sorting involves selecting out enough of the large, disease free heads of garlic. Just prior to planting, we’ll “pop” those heads into individual cloves to be planted.  

Some of you have asked about garlic for sale at the end of the season. Last year we had some available at our Harvest Dinner. We are in the early stages of making plans for one final Spring Hill “pop-up” with garlic and some end of the season goodies. We’ll keep you posted!