Week #12 Tuesday, September 24– Friday, September 27, 2019

 Farm News

I think I’m still adjusting to the fact that fall has arrived. The leaves have started changing color, particularly the sumac and maples. Some have fallen to the ground. The honey has been harvested. Tomatoes have run their course and the squash harvest has begun. The calendar says it’s time to begin field work for garlic planting and we’ve even had some cool mornings, but it just doesn’t feel like fall quite yet. Steady rain throughout the season has kept everything amazingly green and lush. There’s no frost in site. Typically this is the week there would be a forecast of frost. We’d spend a frantic day or two of gathering in the last of the tender vegetables knowing the frost will bring an end to them. That same frost and cool weather would sweeten the carrots and Brussels sprouts. I’m not exactly hoping for one just yet. There are still beautiful peppers out there that we’ll hope to send in October. There are still raspberries coming for our harvest/delivery crews and I know those are a treat. It just feels a bit off. Since we didn’t get potatoes dug or squash harvested at our fall work day, we are putting our Tuesday and Friday crews to work on those tasks. We plan to work on the butternut squash harvest on Tuesday and maybe Friday as well. We continue to get cover crop in as vegetables come out focusing now on winter wheat and winter rye. Those beautiful green cover crops are bringing their own fall beauty to the farm.

 In Your Bag

Winter squashdelicata
Yellow Potatoes
Yellow Onions
Savoy Cabbage
shishito peppers (in the bag) & sweet red and yellow
Spicy Salad Mix
Ethiopian Kale

 Schedule for the End of the Season

After this week there will be two more weeks of vegetable deliveries. The weeks are as follows:
Week#13: Tuesday, Oct. 8/Friday, Oct. 11
NO DELIVERIES OCT. 15th & 18th
Week#14: Tuesday, Oct. 22/Friday, Oct. 25 

Every other week shares, please note: If you are getting a bag THIS week (Sept 24/27), your next and final bag will be Oct. 22 or 25. If you were scheduled to pick-up a bag LAST week, (Sept 17/20) your next and final bag will be Oct. 8 or 11. If you have questions, please ask!

Spring Hill’s Harvest Dinner Saturday, Nov. 2nd!

Mark your calendar now for Saturday evening, November 2nd, 5:30-8pm. We’ll gather and celebrate the season at Cabrini Church in Minneapolis. 

 Harvesters for October 8 and October 11

Tuesday, October 8- Su Skog & Conrad Sowder, Jennie Baltutis, Nancy Kosciolek & Rob Nordin Kristin Dyrhaug, Chris Kozalka, NEED ONE!
Friday, October 11 – Helen Torrens, Karin & Reed McEwan, Karen Ansbaugh & Merilee Light Lee Pfannmuller and Gary Seim, Kimberly Laudert