Week #12 Tuesday, September 22 – Friday, September 25

In Your Bag
Yellow Potatoes,
Delicata Squash

Beet greens –
these are bunched separately so they pack well in your bags
(a nice big bag of theses sweet gems  – just the right combo of sweet and carrot flavor!) 
Peppers – a pile of them – last of the season!
We’ll have shishitos, they’re the thin-skinned wrinkly ones (green and red) in a bag.  Poblanos are very deep green and tapered and the long red and yellow ones are sweet.  Look for a green bell pepper and some jalapenos too. 
Cheap Frills greens mix – good for salads or braising. 
Parlsey/Thyme/Sage bunch

Next week
Looks like next week’s bag will have some fall kohlrabi and hopefully a new crop for us – red napa cabbage.  It’s coming along and we’re crossing our fingers there will be enough to have one for everybody.  We’ve got a patch of cilantro just about ready and there will be a green of some sort, maybe arugula, maybe collards, maybe another bunch of cheap frills – and who wouldn’t like that? 

End of the Season Schedule
We have made a change in the schedule for the end of the season.  We had been planning to stretch our 14 week season out by shifting to an every other week schedule in October.  INSTEAD, we are planning to go 14 consecutive weeks this year.  Final deliveries will be Tuesday, October 6th and Friday, October 9th.  If you pick-up your vegetables every other week, you may end the week before that.  Monthly shares, look for an e-mail from Spring Hill with your final vegetable delivery dates for the season.  This change is NOT a change in the number of weeks or in the amount and variety of vegetables, simply a change in the schedule due to considerations around the pandemic.

Farm News
In this season of many challenges, we’ve had a few more curve balls thrown at us. The disease that took out our earlier plantings of broccoli also took our fall broccoli and cauliflower. We were so hoping so have a nice batch of fall broccoli and at least some cauliflower for you. Even though we had had lost about half of the cauliflower to the heavy rains that came just after planting, we were hoping to get at least one head for each of you. Nope. Celeriac too was a victim of the July rains. It just never thrived and while we hoped it would recover and size up, it’s not happening. I know there are both lovers and haters of celeriac. I fall into the love camp so I’m disappointed that this knarly fall root didn’t make it. Finally, we’ve had not just one but FIVE frosts already, all before the average frost date for our area. We covered peppers for the first four but this last one on Saturday morning was unexpected. Many of the peppers survived but, given the state of the plants after this last frost, they won’t make it through another one so we’re sending in a passel of peppers this week!  We’ve been enjoying them a lot!  We’ve been slicing them (a mix of sweets and hots) and sauteing them with onions and garlic and then tossing them on top of beans and rice, mixing them into eggs, pasta, pizza – just about anything.  Delicious!  If it’s too many peppers to eat fresh, try freezing them.  We wash them, slice them up and lay them out to freeze on cookie sheets.  Once frozen, we bag them up and use them throughout the winter.  The frosts also meant it was time to harvest the squash.  Last Wednesday we made it through the patch harvesting any squash that was close to ripe.  We would have liked another week for it, but we weren’t going to get it.  It’s all in the greenhouse now so on cold nights, we can close it up and keep the squash from freezing.     It continues to be a challenging season.  Even so, there’s been so many good meals at our place and we hope yours too!