Week #12 Tuesday, August 28 – Saturday, September 1, 2018

Farm News

We’ve gone from working in extremely dry soils to working in mud.  Friday brought us 2.7 inches of rain.  Sunday morning gave us an additional couple of tenths and then a storm on Sunday night/Monday morning dumped another ¾” of rain on the fields.  There was a little bit of hail with that one and we can see the result of that in the Rainbow Chard we were hoping to send this week.  We’ll now have to wait and see how much recovery time the chard needs.  We’re pushing four inches of rain in the last three days and it looks like there’s more coming tonight and tomorrow.  All this rain has made harvesting a challenge as we attempt to dodge thunderstorms and avoid being in the gardens when it’s extremely wet and muddy.  It’s just not that great for the soil, the plants or the humans.  We have now determined that the irrigation pipes and pump can officially be tucked away for the season.  Once it dries out, we’d like to get one more planting of greens in but otherwise just about everything has well established root systems and will do just fine with the soil moisture that’s there. 

We received some exciting news this past week that Spring Hill Community Farm has been approved to be part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Monarch Butterfly Habitat Development Program.  The program is about ensuring that monarchs (and other pollinators) have the habitat they need as they migrate from Mexico to Canada and back again.  Ten states have been targeted from Texas to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Next spring we’ll be planting a little over an acre with milkweed and other nectar rich plants.  The USDA will provide us with financial and technical assistance.  Several of our neighbors are also participating in the program which means we can all learn from each other.  I know many of you are monarch experts and enthusiasts.  We’d love to hear from you.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this project!

In Your Bag

Satina Yellow Potatoes
Sugar cube melons – petite and flavorful
Red Tropea onions  & Yellow onions
Wax beans
Cucumbers OR Eggplant
Peppers  Sweet Yellow & Sweet Red – both long & tapered
Shishito Peppers – green & red & wrinkly
Arugula OR Rainbow Chard
Roma Tomatoes

Coming Soon

A cabbage and carrots will be coming your way next week.  We’ll have salsa fixins again – tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers,  and cilantro (I’m hoping).
We’ve got another batch of broccoli that will be ready fairly soon and some cauliflower too.  We’re keeping an eye on the Romano beans, they won’t be long!

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday,September 4  Leilani Hotaling, Stacie Warejoncas, Randi Roth & Mike Bander   NEED TWO!!

Saturday, September 8  Peg LaBore & Myrna Tautant/Rosemarie Merrigan, Christi & Tim Anderson, Sara & Blake Christianson, Courtney & Andrew Billing, Michelle Grabowski/Jose & Mateo Hernandez