Week #11 Tuesday, August 21 – Saturday, August 25, 2018

Farm News

Golden rod in full bloom, sweet red and yellow peppers ready to pick, onions curing in the greenhouse, a touch of red in the sumac, cool nights, talk of the state fair and students returning to school; it would be hard to deny that fall is creeping its way down the road.  I have no idea where summer went.  It’s a blur that began with a late April snowstorm, a frantic game of garden catch-up, long days of hard work and good eating and now, all of a sudden it seems, summer is coming to an end.  There’s still plenty of work to do and good eating to be had, but there’s definitely a shift happening. 

We did get some rain last Thursday, a very localized storm that brought us ½ inch or so of rain and with it the buckwheat cover crop has jumped, the newly planted fall greens and turnips germinated and the carrots swelled.  We needed that one!  And now, some dry air would be appreciated.  The high humidity of the last week has plant disease written all over it.  We just lost a planting of basil to basil downy mildew which UW-Madison tells us, “thrives in humid, warm environments and can spread rapidly, decimating an entire basil crop.”  Yes indeedy it does.   UW Madison also tells us there’s no known cure and, in response to the question, how to avoid it, they suggest avoiding planting sweet basil.  Not an option!  We’ve got another planting just about ready for harvest which we hope will avoid the yucky stuff.   

This week, with the help of farm members and Erin and Micah, we began “boxing up” the garlic in the greenhouse to make room for the onions.  On Saturday and again on Monday we gathered up the yellow and red onions from the field and brought them into our shade covered greenhouse.  It feels good to have them safely tucked away and ready to be sorted and cleaned up each Tuesday and Saturday.   Love that!

In Your Bag

Purple Majesty Potatoesmaybe a few yellows too. Check these purple potatoes out – gorgeous!
Sugar cube melons – petite and flavorful
Fresh onions
Wax beans
Peppersthe dark green ones are poblanos and we’ve got a sweet yellow and red pepper for you too!
Collard greens (a few appearance issues, but very tasty!)
Roma Tomatoes

Coming Soon

Shishito peppers next week we think and likely beets as well.  We’ll have more roma tomatoes, and either arugula or rainbow chard.  A cabbage may make an appearance and we’ll see what else is ready!

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, August 28  Shelley Thron/Karen Melander, Anne Holzinger & Caron Moore, Harley Gee, Sara Nagler, NEED TWO MORE!!
Saturday, September 1  Koehler family, Carrie Pomeroy, Kate Kysar, DeGeorgeo family, Forrest family