Week #10 Tuesday, August 14 – Saturday, August 18, 2018

Farm News

So those onions all got pulled up on Saturday! They’re field curing at the moment, soon to make their way up to the greenhouse. But first we have to make room! That will be this week’s project. We plan to get set-up up for clipping and sorting and boxing up garlic on Tuesday and on Saturday working our way slowly but surely through the garlic. Once the benches are cleared of garlic, the onions can take over! 

It’s still dry out there so we’re continuing to irrigate the young stuff. We did get a bit of rain which was lovely for everything but particularly nice for the cover crop which had been waiting for just such an event. The birds were enjoying the seed, but we’re happy to see it now not only having germinated but growing nicely. 

We snuck away for day at the big lake –Superior that is – last week. What a treat to be on the lake. We have a few regular stops when we head north, the beach being the primary one but also Halvorson’s Fish Shop in Cornucopia for smoked white fish and often Ehler’s General Store for a treat of some kind. This trip it was ice cream. As we meandered our way north, we noticed a sign for the Spooner Agricultural Research Station and decided to drive by to take a peek. That led to getting out of the car and wandering around which led to chatting with the people that worked there which led to an informal tour. The station is run by the UW-Madison system and, along with other agricultural research, is currently part of trialing vegetable crops for the Seed to Kitchen Collaborative. This project is bringing together seed breeders, growers and chefs to “bring flavor back into fresh market vegetables,” a worthy goal, we think! They’re trialing some winter squash, melon, cucumber and tomato varieties at the Spooner Station. There’s also a research plot dedicated to organic potato production and some very lovely display gardens, a cooperative project between the station and the master gardener volunteers featuring flowers and vegetables that grow in zone 3. It was an unplanned, delightful stop!

 In Your Bag 

Fresh onions
Zucchini/Summer squash
White Russian Kale
Tomatoes – lots of them!
Herbs – Pesto size bunch!

Coming Soon

I think the wax beans will be ready next week. You’ll also see some carrots in your bag too, I bet. Shishito peppers will arrive soon. Collards too. We’ll give you a break on cucumbers beginning next week. We’ve got one final planting which should be ready in a couple of weeks. Zucchini and summer squash are slowing down. We may get another week out of them, but that may be it for the year. Roma tomatoes may start next 

 Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, August 21 – Cichanowski & Beitz family, Mary & Michael Vanderford, NEED 3 MORE!!! 

Saturday, August 25 – Sally Silk & Tom Wolfe, Laurie Reed, Bryna & Chris Wiens, Nesbitt/Westbrook family, Tony & Ashley Barnes, Blue/Koszalka