Week #1 Tuesday, July 9 – Friday, July 12, 2019

 Farm News

Anticipation! Thanks for your patience. The later start (we used to begin vegetable deliveries in mid-June) has taken the edge off here and allowed us to get things a little more settled before the harvest season begins. With the cool, wet spring, it also meant avoiding tough decisions around whether to push getting in cold wet fields or waiting for dryer, warmer conditions. The soil thanks you! Waiting has been hard though. We’re anxious to hear from you about what you think of the later start. 

We are so happy to have Erin Link back on board this year. This is Erin’s third season at Spring Hill and we’ve come to rely on her skills and knowledge. Erin’s other work is at her own farm, EB Ranch where she tends to a herd of the critically endangered and rare San Clemente Island Goats. Erin milks a few of those goats and makes a wonderful goat milk soap. You can learn more about Erin and her farm here: https://www.ebranchllc.com/ . This year Avery Hansen also joins us a couple of mornings a week until school resumes. Avery is here to help mostly with harvesting but she’s up for just about anything. We’re happy to have her! 

 In Your Bag: 

Salad Turnips
(the beet tops have been cut and bunched separately – solely for packing reasons)
Garlic scapes
green and/or yellow
Red Russian Kale
Dill bunch
Italian Parsley/Basil bunch

 Please note: All vegetables from Spring Hill will need to be washed. We rinse just about everything here, but you’ll want to wash the veggies before eating them. 

 Veggie Notes:

The Salad Turnips, or hakurei turnips are a wonderful treat! They can be sliced and added to a lettuce salad or they could be sautéed and served over their steamed greens. Check out this week’s recipe for roasting them! We saved the Garlic scapes so we can send this special spring treat! Cut the scape into 1” long pieces up to the flower. Saute those pieces on low in olive oil until they’re nice and tender. Add them to your salad, eggs, anything where some mild garlic flavor sounds nice. The yellow zucchini is a new variety for us. Goldy is its name. Isn’t it beautiful? Broccoli is coming on strong right now. There will be a bunch in your bag. Look for extras at your site too! 

Storing your fresh herbs can be tricky. We store them washed and dried, in a plastic bag in the fridge. 

 Looking Ahead to Next Week 

Look for more broccoli, zucchini and lettuce. We’ll have fennel too and probably kohlrabi. Our plan is to harvest and send the first batch of fresh garlic. Cucumbers may make a showing and we’re thinking the napa cabbage will be ready as well. 

 Next Week’s Harvesters: 

Tuesday, July 16 – Karen Melander/Anna Ridgeway, Patricia Turner, Kathleen Weflan & Lou Ferreri
Ann Risch & George Boody, Brenda Beyer, Tom Wells & Bailey, Tammy Hansen 

Friday, July 19 – Elaine Eschenbacher & Michael Welch, Dave and Mary Hedenstrom, Jan Search & Dave Stockdale/Diane Claeys & Doug Jones, Ann Peterson & Steve Petermeier, Brie Reid & Alex Ross-Stuart & Michaela Klein