Week #1 Tuesday, July 7 – Friday, July 10, 2020

In Your Bag
Napa cabbage
Spring Turnips
Garlic Scapes
Fresh garlic
Spring Onions
Zucchini – green and/or yellow
Red Russian kale
Cilantro, Basil
Note: Most produce has been rinsed at the farm, you’ll want to wash it at home. 

Welcome to Tyler, Anna and Welcome Back To Erin!
First, we offer a big, huge, honkin’ welcome back to Erin Link!  Erin is back for her fourth year at Spring Hill and we are so, so grateful to have her here.  

Things are going to be different at the farm this season. There’s plenty to be sad about in that regard. We can’t even begin to tell you how much we will miss the opportunity to work with you on the farm. BUT, we are excited to welcome two new people on board. Actually, they’re not new TO the farm at all, but new in their roles WITH the farm. Tyler Mahony will be Spring Hill’s delivery driver. Tyler (son of Wendy Fassett & Kevin Mahony) has grown up on Spring Hill vegetables and will now be driving a van full of them to Minneapolis and St. Paul each Tuesday and Friday. We’re looking forward to working with him! Anna Kleven (daughter of Kari & Tom Kleven) will be joining us for a full day of work on Monday and Tuesday morning in July and August to help with vegetable harvest and packing. Anna’s been coming to the farm with her family since she was young and we’re thrilled that she’ll be joining us in the fields this summer.   

Thank you!
Thank you to Spring Hill’s Core Group! We relied heavily on this group as we tried to imagine what this season might look like. It was extremely helpful to have this thoughtful group gather several times (virtually) to consider all kinds of options from every which angle. Wendy Fassett, Joe Knaeble and Marilyn Johnson really dug in with us on figuring out the details of vegetable packing and delivery. Thanks so much! Spring Hill’s pick-up site hosts all offered thoughts and suggestions and we’re grateful to each of them for continuing to share their space with the farm membership. Thank you also to all the women who sewed flaps into our Spring Hill bags. The flaps provide a new way of keeping the vegetables fresh as they travel. Well done all and thank you!! Special thanks to Joelle who served as the transport service. We’re grateful to those of you who contributed to Spring Hill’s delivery fund. There’s been extra expense involved with Covid-19 and your contributions help a lot. Finally, many of you have volunteered to do all kinds of things;  help on the farm if needed, be a back-up driver, deliver vegetables to those who may need home delivery, host a Spring Hill Pop-up Market and on and on. As we all find new and different ways to feel the strength of human connection, this generosity of spirit has been truly overwhelming. Thank you all. 

Farm News
Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. I’ll give you the good news first just in case you’ve had enough of bad news in which case you can read the first paragraph and forgo the second one. The good news is things have come together and, amidst all the challenges, we have a really nice first bag of vegetables for you! Actually, knock on wood, it looks like the first few bags will have a nice mix of veggies.

And now the bad news. About a week ago, we had 7+ inches of rain at the farm in just a few hours. That was A LOT of rain. Too much rain. A drive around the block the following morning saw our neighbors canoeing across their field, just the top inch or two of their fence line exposed. Even though we carefully mulch sections we feel are particularly vulnerable to erosion, farm on the contours and regularly cover crop, we were discouraged by what we saw in our fields. We take soil conservation seriously and it was heartbreaking to see the movement of soil in some of our garden sections. It’s hard to see the soil pounded like that.  We lost a carrot planting and some newly transplanted beets and cauliflower. We’re working to understand and address the issues, knowing that while 7” rains have been extremely rare, extreme events are becoming more common.