Each spring, Spring Hill members make a membership pledge, choosing to share the risk and enjoy the bounty of the coming season. A membership pledge is more than simply an exchange of money for vegetables. A pledge is also a commitment to work at least one day on the farm (called your Harvest Day). These two contributions are how a member fulfills their commitment towards building Spring Hill into a healthy sustainable farm…a farm that supports its farmers, cares for the land, provides its members with fresh, wholesome food and builds connections between all its participants.

Spring Hill deliveries are done by members. Twin Cities members then pack their cars and deliver vegetables to pick-up sites in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Spring Hill Community Farm wants to be financially accessible to as many people as possible while sustaining a livable wage for the farmers. Sliding-fee scales allow those with a variety of incomes to participate in the community. Each year the average membership pledge needed is specified in the budget. We suggest that when you are determining your pledge that you consider all the benefits you gain from membership in Spring Hill Community Farm as well as your ability to pay.

If we are full, you can go to for a listing of Community Supported Farms in our area.

Here’s a link to a video about CSAs in general (not specifically Spring Hill)