Ticks: Unwelcome, But Real

Unfortunately, deer ticks that carry Lyme disease are at the farm. It’s important that everyone take the following simple precautions. We have a detailed brochure at the farm if you would like more information.

  • When walking in the woods or tall grass, remember to wear light-colored pants tucked inside light-colored socks. This will keep ticks from getting on your legs. It also will allow you to spot the ticks on your clothes.
  • Do body checks at the end of the harvest day on every member of the family. Remember, the deer tick is much smaller than the wood tick.
  • Even if you are bitten by a deer tick, the odds of contracting Lyme disease are 1 in 100. Most infected people develop the characteristic “target” rash that has a clear center and red borders; this makes diagnosis and treatment much easier. Unfortunately, many infected people do not develop this rash. Watch for symptoms such as tiredness, fever, headaches, muscle aches and, in some cases, joint pain.