Harvest Day Hosts

We want everyone to feel welcomed and useful when the arrive for harvest day. Our farmer’s have their hands full, so with that in mind we benefit greatly from having volunteer Harvest Day Hosts.

Here’s what that looks like…

  • Arrive on site between 8:30 and 8:45 am
  • If you see Mike and Patty, smile and wave hello but know that they will be very busy getting ready for the day and will not have time to stop and chat just yet. If you have questions, please wait until Mike and Patty come to see you.
  • Go to the community building.
  • Start hot water for tea. Let Mike/Patty know if the stove burners don’t light.
  • Make coffee-  If there’s already a filter, grounds, and water ready to go, then just press the circular On/Off button to get it started.
  • Set out name tags and pens.
  • Welcome members as they arrive!
  • Ask everyone to make a nametag for the day
  • Ask everyone if they have been to a harvest day before. If not go through the harvest day responsibilities and typical agenda for the day. You may want to do this with members even if they are not new. A reminder is always good. 
  • Introduce members to one another as they arrive
  • Invite everyone to help themselves to coffee, tea, and a baked treat (compliments of Maggie)
  • Remind everyone to wash hands before going to work
  • Send them off in the direction of workstations Mike and Patty mentioned that morning
  • Check in with folks during the day to make sure they are feeling comfortable
  • At 9 (9:30?) go join the workforce. Choose a job close to the community building and greet any latecomers as above.