Getting More Involved

Some of you have asked, “If we can’t come to the farm, what can we do to contribute?” Community has always been at the heart of Spring Hill and we certainly do not want that to change.  As we support and care for each other during this time, here are a few things the farm needs:

1) We would like volunteer drivers (ideally 1-2 from each pick-up site) who could deliver a bag of vegetables from a pick-up site to a member’s home. We are anticipating that there will be some members needing home delivery for the season or just for a week or two.

2) We will also need a roster of volunteer drivers available to serve as a back-up to our hired driver/van. Depending on the situation, this could mean one person driving the farm van filled with vegetables to pick-up sites in the Twin Cities or perhaps a small fleet of drivers using their own vehicles to transport vegetables from the farm.  

3) You could host a Spring Hill “pop-up” market this season. We would need space to set up our 10×10 tent in your yard or use of a garage for 2-3 hours.   This could be a fun way to socialize – from a safe distance – with farmers and other farm members.

4) If you are able, consider contributing financially to help cover the extra delivery costs, perhaps the amount you would have paid in gas for a trip to the farm.  It’s important for you to know that Spring Hill does have an Emergency Fund, established to cover unexpected, unpredictable situations (think tornado, farm accident – we weren’t imagining a pandemic!). With the change in vegetable delivery, this fund will be significantly depleted. While the farm will be okay for this season, we also acknowledge that we will lose a significant portion of our emergency cushion in using these funds.  

Due to Covid-19, events and membership involvement in harvest days  have been put on hold for 2020. You can read more about it here.

Spring Hill Events

Each year Spring Hill invites its members to events at the farm or in the Twin Cities. Our events are typically centered around the work of the farm and sharing good food. Annual events include:

  • Seasonal Work Days
  • Fall Harvest Celebration in September
  • Harvest Dinner in November (See the Community Calendar for this year’s dates.)

These events are a great way to meet other members and are completely optional. As with any visit you make to the farm, children are always welcome, pets are not.

Committees at Spring Hill

Spring Hill members are actively involved in the workings of Spring Hill. Members of Spring Hill’s Core Group and Community Events Committee are an important part of Spring Hill. If you’re interested in joining a committee or helping out in some other way, let us know.

  • Core Group – This advisory group helps with overall planning and decision making. The core group sets the annual budget and works on long-range planning. After a planning meeting in January, the core group meets every other month or so throughout the season. Meetings are open, and all members are welcome to attend.
  • Community Events Committee- plans annual and special events for the farm. Meetings are arranged as needed, usually 3-4 times per year.

Other Ways Members Get Involved

  • Pick-up Site Hosts- Each year about 10 households offer their porch or garage as a pick-up site for Spring Hill members. About 10-20 households pick-up their bags at each site.
  • Harvest Day Coordinator- Our harvest/delivery day calendar is coordinated by a Spring Hill member. This person schedules each household to come out to the farm to help with harvest and deliver vegetables.
  • Event Helpers- Each farm event requires many hands. Work days on the farm may require crew leaders, meal coordinators, fire tenders or people to help with special projects. Every gathering requires people to work on set-up, clean-up and welcoming members.