Week #2 Tuesday, June 19 – Saturday, June 23, 2018

Farm News
Our good friend and fellow veggie grower, Dan Guenthner recently described this part of the growing season as “like running downhill.”  It’s an apt phrase for how we often feel these days; slightly out of control and carried by a momentum not entirely our own, we try to maintain some sense of forward direction.  This spring, particularly the last two weeks with plenty of rain and heat to boot, the garden has exploded.  It’s hard to keep up!  One gardener we know has a wish for a garden superpower of a pause button.  We could use that about now.  Besides weeds of course, we’d love to put a pause on things like lettuce, radishes, pac choy scallions.   No need to slow down tomatoes or peppers of course, but those early greens can come and go so quickly in this heat – especially when there’s plenty of moisture.  We’re plugging along though.  Basically things look good, if a little out of control.

In Your Bag:
Pac Choy
Pea vines (new this year! See recipe section for ideas)
Garlic Scapes
Spring Turnips
Beets  (We made a decision to cut the greens from their roots.  This wet weather has not been kind to the beet greens.  Beet green lovers can find greens in the “extras” box – as long as we had room to send one.) 
Green Leaf & Red Romaine Lettuce
Please note: All vegetables from Spring Hill will need to be washed.

Web Site
Goals with the update were to better reflect the spirit of the farm, to be easy to navigate, to include more pictures and to be phone/device friendly.  Thanks to Joe Knaeble, Bill Karns and Marilyn Johnson for their input and work.  Much appreciation to John Hartman for the calendar rescue.  Thanks as well to Sheila Bergman for offering her expertise on WordPress.  Very special thanks to Jess Fischer and her son and assistant, Clayton for pulling it all together. 
Let us know what you think!

Sunshine Report
Three years ago, on June 25, 2015, Spring Hill went solar.  With the financial help of a USDA grant and many Spring Hill members, North Wind Renewable Energy installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our packing shed.  The system was expected to produce about 10,000 kWh (KiloWatt hours) per year, the estimated amount of electricity the farm uses over the course of a year.  Today (Monday, June 18), seven days ahead of schedule, the display panel reads, 30 mWh (MegaWatt hours).  Our fourth year of solar energy begins!

Next Week’s Harvesters
Tuesday, June 26 – Michele Gersich & John Hartman, Bernadette Knaeble, Marilyn Johnson & Dave Bostrom, Patricia Turner, Tom Wells
Saturday, June 30   
Rowzat Shipchandler & Max Keller, Willey Family, Aeron & Sarah Ridgeway, Lynn Cibuzar & Mickey Moore, Patricia Turner

Week #1 Tuesday, June 12 – Saturday, June 16, 2018

 Farm News… Let the Spring Hill vegetable harvesting – and eating begin! Back in April, I would have bet we weren’t going to start harvesting vegetables until July. What a crazy spring! After that ridiculously snowy April came May. The May that felt like August. We dragged out the irrigation pump and pipes – items that hadn’t been used for years – and put them to work. It’s tough when it’s so dry so early in the season. All those seeds and young plants all needing water at the same time. We got through the hot, dry spell and the week that gave us over 3 inches of rain and now things seem off to a reasonable start. The farm is in full swing. The bee team has been out several times getting two new hives going. Last Tuesday was our Spring Work Day. What a delightful day that was! We had about twenty people here trellising tomatoes, transplanting chard and lettuce, weeding carrots and cilantro, cultivating broccoli and cabbage and planting zucchini and kale and basil. We even had time for plenty of time for pizza making and lots of good chatter. We ended the week some haymaking followed by hay mulching with plans for more of that this week. We are so pleased to have Erin Link working here again this season. What a treat! Many of you will remember Erin from our fall work day when she set up shop in the yard with her goat and her lovely goat milk soap. Micah Laz Davis is joining us this year. He and his wife Callie bought a place out here a year or two ago and are settling in to the area. We’re appreciating Micah’s mechanical mind and willingness to do whatever task is put before him. Owen Nagler is planning to join us for a few hours each week to help with cleaning the community building and lawn mowing. I think we’re set with a good crew! 

In Your Bag:
Napa Cabbage
Garlic Scapes
Red Russian Kale
Green Leaf & Red Romaine Lettuce 

Please note: All vegetables from Spring Hill will need to be washed. We rinse just about everything here, but you’ll want to wash the veggies before eating them. 

Spring Hill Bingo! Look for a Spring Hill Bingo Card at your pick-up site this week. Take one home, hang it on the fridge and play Bingo with us all season long. Free space for this card – “Eat Local Veggies.” You’ve got one spot filled already! We’ll feature one of the challenges each week – but you’re welcome to take on any activity at any time. This week’s challenge: “Try a new recipe with a farm vegetable and send in a picture to the newsletter!” Can’t wait to see what you’re all cooking. Spring Hill Bingo brought to you by Spring Hill’s Community Events Committee. Special thanks to Kate Abram for this one! 

2018 Spring Hill Events
Sunday, September 16– Fall Work Day
Saturday, November 3 – Harvest Dinner 

 Next Week’s Harvesters Tuesday, June 19 – Joe & Colleen Bartels, Peter & Rosealise Molenda, Athena Adkins, Louisa Keleher & Greg Tromiczak, Cathy Dolan Saturday, June 23 – Melissa Partin & Brian Martinson, Cindy & Max Harper, Rebecca & Micheal Thompson, Joelle & Carson Hoeft, Blue/Koszalka family, NEED ONE! 

Preparing for the Intricate Dance

Changes for 2018

Spring Hill is planning an 18-week season (mid-June through mid-October), followed by a Fall Storage Share. The Fall Share will arrive in two boxes (about 25 lbs each), the first box delivered around November 1st and the second box around November 15th. This is a change from our typical 20-week season and single fall delivery of about 45 lbs of vegetables.

Once again we will work with Steady Hand Farm for the Fall Storage Share. This enables us to bring you a nice assortment of fall vegetables and provides the opportunity for our Spring Hill community to support some really great beginning farmers. Continue reading “Preparing for the Intricate Dance”