Vegetable Delivery

Vegetables can be picked up in the Twin Cities after 4 p.m. on delivery days. Your delivery site is set at the beginning of the summer; it is usually the home of a Spring Hill member who has volunteered his or her porch or garage for vegetable pickup. Here’s what you need to know about picking up your veggies:

  • Bring your washed bag from the previous week each time you pick up veggies. We must have the empties to take back to the farm for the following week’s deliveries. Having enough clean bags for each delivery is essential for things to run smoothly. Please don’t use your Spring Hill bags for anything other than your farm produce.
  • We are also happy to take other empties, like honey jars and produce bags, at your delivery site. Please don’t use our drop-off to “recycle” anything that didn’t originally come from Spring Hill, however.
  • You’ll find a check-off list at each delivery site. Check that you’ve picked up your bag as well as returned your empty one. Unclaimed bags will be compared to the checks on the list.
  • Look for the weekly “farm report” and any other notices or handouts that are kept in a folder at each site. They are Spring Hill’s way of keeping you informed of happenings, future events, the week’s veggies, new recipes, and so on.
  • Any bags of veggies not picked up within 24 hours of delivery will be claimed by the host, who can then do with them as he/she determines.
  • Looking for more of a favorite veggie? Take a look at the extras box at your delivery site. You could be pleasantly surprised!
  • If you cannot pick up on your delivery day, but you would like your vegetables kept for you, you must call your delivery site in advance. The host is not expected to take extraordinary means to keep your veggies fresh, but they won’t be given away either–if you call!
  • If you are going to be on vacation and unable to pick up your vegetables, call the farm so they will not deliver your share. Or you may arrange for someone else to pick up your share. If this is the case, call the delivery site hosts to let them know.
  • We will change your delivery day in a given week if you are going to be out of town. Please call the farm to make those arrangements.

blank.gif Return your clean and empty bags (washed in unscented soap, please) when you pick up your next bag of veggies!   blank.gif