Week #14 Tuesday, October 22 – Friday, October 25 2019

 In Your Bag:
Winter Squash
(Butternut, Sugar Dumpling)
Yellow & Red onions
Yellow Potatoes
Black Radishes
Brussels sprouts
Cutting celery
(great for soups and stews!)

Spring Hill Members,

It’s the last week of vegetable deliveries this year. The weather this week affirms that it’s time to shift gears. Even so, there is much about the rhythm of the growing season that we will miss. The growing season provides us with an urgent sense of direction and purpose. The list of things to do is clear. It’s often too long, but it’s always clear and direct. Dig carrots, trellis tomatoes, plant radishes. As the days shorten and cooler temps and more darkness settle in, there’s more time for thinking and reflection. One of the things we’ve been thinking about of late is this notion of community and belonging, what that means and how it happens. The farm – the land, all of you, our work together to support it all – has been one of those important places where we feel a strong sense of community. Our shared work is laid out in the farm’s guiding principles: share in the work to create a farm that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable; share the risk and share the bounty; make decisions together; ensure that the size of the farm holds in balance considerations of land, community, and farm viability; work together to nurture a friendly and creative community. It’s a work in progress, surely, but we’re doing it. Together. Thanks to ALL of you for making Spring Hill possible, for signing up to share in the risk and bounty, for sharing in the work of harvesting and packing and vegetable delivery and for supporting us in this year of adjustments. 

A huge thank you from all of us to Spring Hill’s pick-up site hosts, Joe & Colleen Bartels, Jack McGrath &Erin Mohr, Robin Schow & Greg Bernstein, Anne Holzinger, Laura & Paul Morrill, Mary & Michael Vanderford, Beth Franzen, Heather & Brett Struwe, Wendy Fassett & Kevin Mahony & Karen Fassett-Carman, Susan Hoch & Jim Haefemeyer, Helen Torrens & Jeff Haberer. Your generous hospitality is so appreciated. Thank you also to those who plan the events that bring our community together to work and celebrate. Sandra Haff, Karen Melander, Sue Poore, Robin Schow, Helen Torrens, Greg Tromiczak, Polly Vollmar-Heywood, Barb Wright & Marian Wright have all generously given their time and talents to make these events possible. Spring Hill’s Core Group helped guide the farm through a period of transition this past year. Many thanks to the creative and thoughtful minds of Katy Podolinsky, Brenda Beyer, Nancy Dilts, Cathy Dolan, Larry Schmidt, Michelle Grabowski, Wendy Fassett, Jess Fischer, Marilyn Johnson, Bill Karns, Joe Knaeble, Erica Perl and Dan Philippon. Led by Brenda Beyer and guided by Bob Wright, Spring Hill’s bee team of Suzanne Dahl, Janet Peters, Cathy Dolan, Maria Merrigan, Maja Radovanjija tended to Spring Hill’s bees and were sweetly rewarded for their efforts. Once again, Michele Gersich successfully and gracefully handled Spring Hill’s Harvest/Delivery Calendar. Thank you so very much! Kristin Dyrhaug kept us all tastefully supplied with ideas and recipes for cooking up what’s in the bag each week. What a gift!

Many, many thanks to Erin Link who has worked on the farm for three years now. She is an integral part of the farm and we are so very grateful for her work. Thanks as well to Avery Hanson who joined us this season. What a treat! 

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the season on Saturday evening, November 2nd, 5:30-8pm at St. Frances Cabrini Church in Mineapolis, 1500 Franklin Avenue SE for a potluck dinner.

Warmly, Patty & Mike 

P.S. Look for a survey coming to you by e-mail soon. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the season. 

Week #13 Tuesday, October 8– Friday, October 11, 2019

 Farm News

This past week the World Dairy Expo was held in Madison Wisconsin. It’s been a really tough few years for dairy farmers for all the reasons you can imagine. If farmers were looking for hope from our Secretary of Agriculture, they surely left feeling more than disappointed. Many are expressing outrage. What they heard, what we all ultimately heard from Sonny Perdue was “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out.” Farmers and farm groups are responding loud and clear. Johanna Rupprecht of Land Stewardship Project had this to say, “The most important thing to remember, of course, is that the message isn’t true. Nothing is inevitable about factory farm dairies. Nothing is inevitable about the current course of U.S. agriculture. We’ve gotten to the point we’re at because of deliberate choices that have not only allowed, but heavily subsidized and supported, the big to get bigger and push out the small.” And Danielle Endvick of WI Farmers Union wrote this: “I sense a fire growing in the belly of the family farmers I meet in my work with Farmers Union. Farmers are weary. But there’s a growing flicker that’s starting to feed a change in the narrative. No more will they be spoon-fed a top-down vision for rural America. Instead, I see a drive for a farmscape where fair prices, local food systems, clean water, and land conservation are at the heart of farm policy.” It’s going to take imagination and creativity and lots of hard work. It’s going to take organizing and pushing hard for a different set of priorities and policies. Farmers can’t do this alone, but working together, we can create change! 

 In Your Bag:

Winter squashbutternut
Yellow Potatoes
Yellow Onions
poblanos (dark green) sweet red & yellow
Brussels sprouts
White Russian Kale
Ethiopian Kale
Celery leaf

Schedule for the End of the Season

NO DELIVERIES OCT. 15th & 18th
Final Bag: Tuesday, Oct. 22/Friday, Oct. 25 

Every other week shares, please check the schedule sent by e-mail: If you are getting a bag THIS week (Oct. 8/11), this is your last bag of the season. Thank you so much for your support this season! If you are NOT scheduled to get a bag this week, your final bag will be delivered on October 22/25. If you have questions, please ask!

Harvest Dinner Saturday, Nov. 2nd!

Mark your calendar now for Saturday evening, November 2nd, 5:30-8pm. We’ll gather and celebrate with a potluck dinner at Cabrini Church in Minneapolis, 1500 Franklin Avenue SE, 55414 

 Harvesters for October 22 and October 25

Tuesday, October 22 – Kathleen Sullivan/Mark Ambroe, Peggy Rader, Peggy Steif Abram Dan Barras and Candace Malisow, Heather & Brett Struwe, Mark Werley

Friday, October 25 – Lynn Cibuzar, Aurelia Wills, Pat Jones/Allen Gibas, David & Alice Musielewicz & Pam Morgan, Wendy Fassett