Week #18 Tuesday, October 9 – Saturday, October 13, 2018

Spring Hill Members,

As this year’s season comes to a close, we’d like to say thank you.  The choice to join a community supported farm, to join this farm, makes a difference.  Your decision to share in the risk of farming, a core principle of community supported agriculture, is a radical and important one.  The collective commitment of Spring Hill members gives this farm economic stability, a rare thing in the farming world. Together we steward this piece of land, tending to the soil as we grow food for this community.  We feel privileged and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and committed group of people.

This season, like all the others, is the work of many hands. Thank you all for joining in the work.  It’s a special and rich thing that all Spring Hill members participate in the work, helping to harvest, wash and pack the vegetables.  Thank you also to our Pick-up Site Hosts who so generously share their space with us.  Joe and Colleen Bartels, Jack McGrath and Erin Mohr, Susan Hoch and Jim Haefemeyer, Cindy and Max Harper, Anne Holzinger, Robin Schow and Greg Bernstein, Laura and Paul Morrill, Mary and Michael Vanderford, Beth Franzen, Heather and Brett Struwe, Karen Fassett-Carman, Wendy Fassett and Kevin Mahony – thank you so very much.  Your generosity makes it all happen.  Spring Hill’s Community Events Planners have been at work once again this season planning gatherings and cooking classes and even a season long Bingo game for Spring Hill members.  Thanks to Kate Abram, Sandra Haff, Cassandra Herold, Martin Perkins, Marian Wright, Karen Melander, Susan Poore, Robin Schow, Helen Torrens, Greg Tromiczak, Polly Vollmar-Heywood, and Barb Wright.  Thank you for a great season (with one final event – our harvest dinner – yet to come).  Spring Hill’s Core Group meets several times each year guiding the farm on its path of sustainability.  A big thanks to Brenda Beyer, Nancy Dilts, Dan Philippon, Katy Podolinsky, Larry Schmidt, Marilyn Johnson, Bill Karns, Joe Knaeble, Cathy Dolan, Wendy Fassett, Jess Fischer, Michelle Grabowski, Noah Holm, and Erica Perl. Our discussions are, without exception, inspiring.  Spring Hill’s Bee Team has been it once again this year, tending the honey bee hives at Spring Hill.  Led by Brenda Beyer and mentored by Bob Wright, the team of Cathy Dolan, Maria Merrigan, Cindy Hilmoe and Janet Peters, they have done important work for all of us. 

For eighteen weeks, Kristin Dyrhaug has thoughtfully and creatively provided the farm newsletter with an amazing assortment of recipes.  It’s quite a gift, thank you!  For those same eighteen weeks, Michele Gerisch has seen to it that our harvest/delivery calendar is filled and confirmed.  Wow!  Thank you. 

A big huge thank you to Erin Link and Micah Laz Davis for all their work on the farm this season.  They worked in all kinds of crazy conditions to produce some pretty tasty vegetables.  Their work is much appreciated.  A big thank you to our family as well for their love and support and inevitably a bit of field work when they come to visit.  

We are very much looking forward to another season.  We’re excited about continuing to collectively create and nurture a sustainable farm and a vibrant community.  We do know we will need to make some adjustments to our work in order for it to be sustainable. We will keep you posted.

Again, thanks to all.  We will look forward to celebrating with you at our Fall Harvest Dinner on November 3rd!

Patty & Mike

In Your Bag

Savoy Cabbage
Winter Squash  (Butternut, Sweet Dumpling, Carnival)
Yellow onions
Brussels sprouts
Collard Greens
Cutting celery New this season!  Great for soups and stews!

Week #17 Tuesday, October 2 – Saturday, October 6, 2018

Farm News

After nearly 30 years of running Spring Hill, there are a couple of things we know for sure.  First, despite our best efforts at planning, dreaming and scheming  in January, when it comes to harvest time we really have no clue what the gardens will yield.  For example, let’s talk about snap peas.  You have told us that snap peas are one of your favorite vegetables.  In fact, according to our annual surveys, snap peas rank #2—right behind garlic!  So we figured, hey let’s grow more snap peas this year.  Not only should we grow more, let’s get them even earlier in the season by growing the first planting in the hoop house!  Well, as you might recall, we had the goofiest spring.  April was cold and snowy, so much so in fact, that we were unable to put the plastic on the hoop houses for fear they might collapse under the weight of those heavy April snows. Consequently, we were unable to plant those early peas when wanted to.  Well, the April snows ended, May came and we thought we thought it would still be worthwhile, since it seemed everything would be delayed. Nope.  May turned out to be hot! Like really hot, like 90 degree hot.  Peas do not like hot.  The peas, failed miserably.  On the other hand let’s talk about winter squash.  Although not as popular as snap peas, they are a basic staple of Midwest fall cuisine, and as such hold a very important place in our garden planning. Well, nothing got in their way this year!  We have never seen such a yield.  So be forewarned:  you can expect an abundance of squash in the next couple of weeks.  If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount, share the bounty with someone, cook it up and freeze it or eat squash several times a week!  Finally, and most importantly, the other thing we know with certainty is that there is no way we, as a small family farm could survive and thrive without you and your commitment to Spring Hill.  The CSA model at Spring Hill works because we recognize that we are not really in charge, and that our greatest resiliency comes from working together.

In Your Bag:

Satina Potatoes
Winter SquashButternut & Delicata
Fennel (every other week shares only) OR
Turnips & Turnip Greens (weekly shares – )
Yellow onions
Brussels sprouts
Watermelon Radishes
Cutting celery New this season!  Try it in soups, stews and casseroles.  Can easily be chopped and frozen for later use.

Next Week’s Bag – Last of the Season

Look for more Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots, shallots and something new from Spring Hill, black radishes!

Next Week’s Harvesters:

Tuesday, October 9  Jennie Baltutis , Kathleen Sullivan/Mark Ambroe, Jeanette Raymond, Claudine Arndt,  Kimberly Laudert
Saturday, October 13 – Peggy & Jon Abram/Kate Abram & Erik Sorensen, Naomi Jackson & Anita Doyle, May & Woldt households, Erica Perl & George Socha, Jan Clough & Mike McMahon
Saturday, October 13 – Peggy & Jon Abram/Kate Abram & Erik Sorensen, Naomi Jackson & Anita Doyle,  May & Woldt, Erica Perl & George Socha, Jen Clough & Mike McMahon