Week #9 Tuesday, August 8 – Saturday, August 12, 2017
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Adirondack Red Potatoes Cut these open for a fun surprise. As one seed catalog said "These rubies will have your cast iron pan glistening"
Fresh Onions Lovin'these fresh white and red tropea onions!
Zucchini/Summer squash
Green beans
Broccoli OR Eggplant
Peppers Green bell & jalapenos
Rainbow Chard
Mixed herb bunch ? parsley, basil, thyme

This Week's Recipe

Chard Salad with Garlic Dressing

Chocolate Beet Muffins

Potato, Squash, & Goat Cheese Gratin

Recipe(s) Link of the Week: Here’s a blog written by Spring Hill Member, Laura Murphy. There’s a plethora of recipe ideas and links!

We’ve also got a couple of Larry and Katy videos to share. They’re on the Spring hill facebook page but I’m not sure I e-mailed them out. We’ve made the first one (it’s so, so good!) and looking forward to making the second!
Roasted garlic, goat cheese and marinated tomatoes
Fried cabbage and soba noodles

Coming Soon
We’ll keep the peppers coming in some form. We’ve got a number of varieties out there, green bells, sweet red Carmans, sweet yellow Cornitos, Anaheims, Shishitos, and jalapenos. We’ll likely harvest carrots for next week and tomatoes of course. Maybes include broccoli, eggplant and beans. We are starting to regularly check the melons!

Spring Hill Musicians Wanted!
We want to fill the farm with music on our Fall Community Work Day! We’re imagining music on the porch to liven up, inspire and entertain us all as we pop garlic, make soup and bread, press cider and whatever other work we’re able to do that day.
Date: Sunday, October 8th. Details: Sign-up for a 30-45 min session. If you prefer to play with others, let us know.

Spring Hill Cooking Class for Spring Hill Members!
September 25, 6-8pm. There are several openings for this one!
Location: The Good Acre, 1790 Larpenteur Avenue West, Falcon Heights, MN 55113
Cost: $15 per class
Send an e-mail to reserve your spot and follow-up with a check mailed to the farm.

Farm News

The rains came!! We had a nice three quarters of an inch of rain on Thursday followed by another quarter inch on Sunday. Perfect really. Those two rains were truly wonderful. Thursday’s cool and wet gave us a chance to breathe a little so it was good for both the plants and those tending the plants to have a rain day. The showers even had the decency to come AFTER we got our hay both baled and unbaled. Indeed, the hay was baled from one field on Wednesday and then unbaled down the pathways of fall cabbage and broccoli and beets just across the stream that same day. Kinda crazy – crazy but good!

We had a lovely visitor/worker this past week. My sister’s neice Ella was visiting from Alabama and spent several days on the farm. She was looking for some outdoor work after spending the summer interning in a lab and we were the lucky hosts. Ella arrived at 8am on Monday morning and went right to work harvesting carrots and kale and tomatoes and cucumbers for Tuesday’s bag of veggies. She was ready and willing to pitch in with whatever we did that week which meant she got in on lots of bean and zucchini picking, cabbage harvest, cultivating some of the fall crops, planting a round of beets, baling hay, mulching pathways and all the other little odds and ends that fill our days. Erin and Melanie showed her the ropes on many of the tasks and because they are both welcoming and engaging and fun, I think Ella enjoyed her days. In the evenings, we would cook with the veggies Ella had harvested. We made quiche with zucchini and basil one night, roasted potatoes with beans the next and then zucchini pancakes on Ella’s final night – always with plenty of tomatoes, refrigerator pickles and carrots on the side. Maggie very kindly gave her a grand tour of Prairie Farm including our very sweet Pioneer Park and we had a campfire on Ella’s final night on the farm. It was a delight to have her here. Thank you Ella!

Next Week’s Harvesters

Tuesday, August 15 - Mary & Elaine Ess, Margaret, Victor & Angela Nelson, Alex Fowler & Jon Black & Milo, Diane Clayton & Colleen Bell, Elaine & Lary May, Jay Gilbertson
Saturday, August 19 – Paul & Marilee Tuite, Sue Illg, Caron Moore & Anne Holzinger, Vinay Gidwani & Divya Karan, Brie Reid & Alex Ross-Stuart, Michaela Klei