Week #20 Tuesday, October 24 – Saturday, October 28, 2017
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Winter SquashButternut
Yellow onions
Brussels sprouts

This Week's Recipes

Potato, Parsnip, and Celeriac Soup

Cabbage & Potato Gratin

Caramelized Onions

Harvest Dinner Celebration Saturday, Nov 4th
Mark your calendar for Spring Hill’s Annual Harvest Dinner Celebration. We’ll celebrate with season with a grand potluck dinner at St. Frances Cabrini Church in Minneapolis. Here's the pdf flyer with details!

Spring Hill Members,

How did we get here?? It’s the final weekly delivery of this season. I suppose it’s because the weather has been so unseasonably warm up until now that it just doesn’t seem possible we’re winding it up. Veggie-wise, it’s been a really good season at Spring Hill. It was quite a broccoli year! We had a good squash harvest, nice tomatoes and peppers, lovely leeks, hearty celeriac and plentiful garlic. We even managed to cut back on cabbage. There were a few misses. We did lose a pea planting. It just did not germinate well at all. We tried planting some black Spanish radishes for the fall and somehow missed that they needed to be seeded much thinner than our typical radish plantings. We tried a new potato variety this year, Adirondak Reds, and, as one member told us, they had the most bitter skins he had ever tasted. Clearly we still have things to learn which is part of what continues to make this work so interesting and engaging.

This year we were fortunate to have extraordinary help. Erin and Melanie were here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help with just about everything. They were terrific! Many thanks to them for all their work. Tuesday and Saturdays brought us crews of members and that is also quite extraordinary. Spring Hill Members take on helping with vegetable harvesting and packing and do ALL of Spring Hill’s vegetable deliveries. It’s quite an amazing cooperative effort. Thanks to all of you! Very special thanks to Michele Gersich for coordinating it all. That’s an amazing effort too!

Each week Spring Hill sends out a newsletter which includes a variety of recipes featuring the vegetables sent that week. For two years now, Kristin Dyrhaug has put together the collection of recipes each week. Many thanks for the thoughtfulness you put into that work. I know Mike and I look forward to seeing Kristin’s choices each week and very often give at least one of them a try. Larry Schmidt and Katy Podolinsky added to the recipe resources by producing quite a number of short, simple “quick bite” videos. They are a real gift to all of us – and all quite delicious. Thank you! Both Kristin’s recipes and Katy and Larry’s videos can be found on Spring Hill’s web site.

Spring Hill’s pick-up site hosts are central to the whole operation. Their hospitality to the Spring Hill Community is so appreciated. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to Colleen & Joe Bartels, Erin Mohr & Jack McGrath, Susan Hoch & Jim Haefemeyer, Adam Nelsen & Michael Walsh, Robin Schow & Greg Bernstein, Anne Holzinger, Mary & Michael Vanderford, Laura & Paul Morrill, Karen Fassett-Carman & Wendy Fassett & Kevin Mahony, Beth Franzen, Heather & Brett Struwe. You folks are the best.

Every year Spring Hill’s Community Events Committee organizes a variety of ways to bring the community together. Often it involves farm work, sometimes education, always food! A boatload of thanks to Sandra Haff, Sue Poore, Anna Ridgeway, Karen Melander, Marian Wright, Barb Wright, Helen Torrens, Cassandra Herold and Martin Perkins. A very special thank you to Robin Schow who volunteered her time offering three cooking classes to Spring Hill members. We so appreciate your generosity.

Spring Hill’s Core Group continues to create a path of sustainability for the Spring Hill Community. Many thanks to Cathy Dolan, Brenda Beyer, Michelle Grabowski, Joe Knaeble, Bill Karns, Marilyn Johnson, Wendy Fassett, Jess Fischer, Erica Perl, Noah Holm, Katy Podolinsky, Larry Schmidt, Nancy Dilts and Dan Philippon. It’s the creative and thoughtful discussions at these meetings that keep the farm moving forward.

For many years now we’ve worked together as a community, tending this farm, growing food and sharing the risk and the bounty of farming. We so appreciate your support.

Warmly, Mike & Patty