Week #20 Tuesday, October 25 - Saturday, October 29 2016
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Spring Hill Members,

This week wraps up the weekly deliveries for Spring Hill’s 2016 season. We’d like to end the season by thanking all of you for your support of this farm and our family. On Saturday, November 5th we’ll celebrate 25 seasons of Spring Hill Community Farm with a potluck dinner at Cabrini Church in Minneapolis. We hope you’ll join us!

All of you are an important part of the Spring Hill Community, sharing in the risk that each season brings and in the bounty the garden often provides. That shared risk and support you provide is transformative for this farm. You have allowed us to begin each season knowing where our budget stands and where the vegetables are going. That enables us to put all of our energy into tending the soil and the vegetables. What a gift that is! You’re also an important part of the work and we love sharing the harvesting, bunching, washing and packing of vegetables with each of you. Tuesdays and Saturdays are a delightful (and delicious) part of our work week. Thanks to every single one of you!

As the season comes to a close, we would like to give special thanks to a few folks:

Kristin Dyrhaug compiled an amazing collection of recipes each week featuring the vegetables in the bag. Using a wide array of resources, she introduced all of us to some new and delicious combinations and flavors. Thank you!
Michele Gersich once again saw to it that each week we had a full slate of folks to work on the farm and deliver the vegetables. It is quite a feat she has quietly accomplished for many years. Thank you!
Bob Wright has been Spring Hill’s bee keeper for 25 years, patiently and diligently tending a few bee hives on the farm each year. This year, our son (and Bob’s grandson) David joined him in this important and sweet endeavor. Bob has let it be known that this is to be his last season as Spring Hill’s bee keeper. We have so appreciated all your work and the sweet fruits of your labor. Thank you!
Larry Schmidt & Katy Podolinsky added to their amazing collection of Spring Hill cooking videos, this year featuring easy and simple things to do with Spring Hill veggies. The videos are a real treat. Thank you!
Lynn Cooper is overseeing – and will eventually sew together – Spring Hill’s collaborative fabric collage celebrating Spring Hill’s twenty-five years. We’ll have the collage at the Harvest Dinner so people can add to the piece. The colorful collage will hang in the community building. Thanks Lynn!
Cindy Harper & Laura Murphy spent an evening with Spring Hill members at Robin Schow’s home, sharing methods and tips and resources for using your weekly bag of Spring Hill vegetables. A delightful, informative evening - thank you!
Jess Fischer tends to Spring Hill’s web site. It is all of our good fortune that she does. Thank you Jess!
Spring Hill’s Pick-up Site Hosts graciously share their home with the Spring Hill Community. Their generosity and thoughtful tending of vegetables is a crucial part of each week’s delivery. Be sure and thank them! They are: Colleen and Joe Bartels, Mary & Dave Hedenstrom, Susan Hoch & Jim Haefemeyer, Adam Nelsen & Michael Walsh, Anne Holzinger, Robin Schow & Greg Bernstein, Laura & Paul Morrill, Mary & Michael Vanderford, Karen Fassett-Carman, Wendy Fassett & Kevin Mahony, Beth Franzen, Marilee & Paul Tuite. Thank you!
Spring Hill’s Community Events Committee plans and tends to the details of Spring Hill events. We are fortunate to have this group of capable and funny folks carrying on Spring Hill traditions and creating new ones. Thanks to Sue Poore, Karen Melander, Anna Ridgeway, Sandra Haff, Robin Schow, Marian Wright, Barb Wright, and Helen Torrens. You do good work! Thanks to George Socha as well who has become Spring Hill’s focaccia baker at our Fall Work Day – a delicious new tradition!
Spring Hill’s Core Group gives thoughtful consideration to short term and long term plans for Spring Hill Community farm keeping the farm on a path of sustainability. We are grateful to each of them. They are: Katy Podolinsky & Larry Schmidt, Marilyn Johnson, Bill Karns, Joe Knaeble, Cindy Harper, Erica Perl, Wendy Fassett, Michelle Grabowski, Dan Philippon, Nancy Dilts, Jess Fischer, Cathy Dolan & Brenda Beyer.
Finally, thank you to our children, Katie & her husband, Ben, and to Maggie who inevitably pitch in with some work whenever they’re home. We’re grateful! This year we were particularly fortunate to have our son David join us for the full season. What a delight! Thanks for all those facebook posts and informative writings. It was so good to have your perspective. Thanks for all the hard work in the field and your delectable work in the kitchen. You will be missed!

With much appreciation and gratitude to all,
Michael & Patty

This Week's Recipes
Parsnip & Carrot Skillet

Carrot Hash Browns

Celeriac Gratin

Recipe Link of the Week:
Mashed Potatoes! Check out the article on common mistakes when making mashed potatoes; I always dry my drained potatoes before squeezing them through a ricer to avoid ‘watery’ mashes.



Squash is all harvested!