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Cloverleaf Carpentry

In 2005 Spring Hill member, Paul Fischer, and his family moved from the Longfellow neighborhood to a schoolhouse north of Spring Hill Farm. Paul enjoys designing Craftsman and Shaker-inspired woodwork in a spirit of shared enthusiasm with the customer. His projects are crafted to bring better function and beauty into the home, specializing in built-ins and trimwork. The lumber collection he maintains is made-up of unique reclaimed lumber, and local hardwoods from small scale lumber providers. Most of his work has been done in the Twin Cities area.

Feel free to visit Paul's workshop and schoolhouse remodel next time you're out at Mike & Patty's.
612 702-1043
452 7th Ave
Clayton, WI 54004

Grass-fed Beef

Dancing Oak Farm is a local source of naturally grown, grass-fed beef. We use a grazing strategy that keeps the steers moving to new, green pastures every few days to keep them growing at a steady pace. The grass provides all the nutrients needed to develop good, tender muscle structure. There is evidence that grass fed beef has more omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritionally beneficial characteristics… and properly grass-fed beef tastes best.

Delivery to your home is available in the Twin Cities Metro area. These deliveries are organized by email, for the most part, so if you want to order, please request an inventory sheet.

For more information, contact Jim Hare at:
Dancing Oak Farm
7 ½ Street
Prairie Farm, WI 54762




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