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Changes for 2018
Spring Hill is planning an 18-week season (mid-June through mid-October), followed by a Fall Storage Share. The Fall Share will arrive in two boxes (about 25 lbs each), the first box delivered around November 1st and the second box around November 15th. This is a change from our typical 20-week season and single fall delivery of about 45 lbs of vegetables.

Once again we will work with Steady Hand Farm for the Fall Storage Share. This enables us to bring you a nice assortment of fall vegetables and provides the opportunity for our Spring Hill community to support some really great beginning farmers.

Beekeepers Wanted
Interested in beekeeping? Want to give it a try? Join Spring Hill’s “Bee Team!” Last year Spring Hill’s Bee Team tended Spring Hill’s two hives. Experts and newbies and everyone in between learned from each other and from the bees. Sound interesting? Let us know of your interest on the sign-up form and we’ll get you more information.

Harvest Day Hosts
Last year Spring Hill tried out something new – Spring Hill members welcoming fellow members to the farm. We’d like to continue with this! To do so, we need volunteers. We’re looking for members willing to come on their Tuesday or Saturday just a little early to put on a pot of coffee, get some hot water going for tea, and welcome people as they arrive. Interested? As you sign-up for your harvest/delivery, indicate your interest in being a host. We’ll get you the details.


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To be a sustainable farm that provides for the land, the farmers, and a community committed to connecting to their source of food and eachother.

• share in the work to create a farm that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable;
• share the risk and share the bounty;
• make decisions together;
• ensure that the size of the farm holds in balance considerations of land, community, and farm viability;
• work together to nurture a friendly and creative community.