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  See you on Sunday- Fall Work Day!

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Farm News from Patty

It’s been the week of the tomato at the farm. Last year we had virtually no Roma tomatoes. Wet weather came earlier last summer and blight was rampant. It took the Roma tomatoes down quickly and thoroughly. No Roma tomatoes – at all. This year we are swimming in them and tending to the abundance has consumed us this week. We’ve picked thousands and thousands and thousands of them. We’ve skinned them, stewed them and ran them through the squeezo. We’ve roasted and canned and frozen them. We’ve stepped on them, slipped on them stained our knees with them. We even made some tasty jam with them.

We put the word out so members could join in the fun. And they did! About a dozen or so households – plus the folks here for their harvest/delivery day these past weeks - took advantage of the bounty taking home bushels and bushels to roast and can and freeze. We’ll send in one final hefty batch of Roma tomatoes this week and then people here for the Fall Work Day can clear the field.

This winter, as folk singer Greg Brown sings in his song, Canned Goods, we can all “taste a little of the summer” when we open our jars of tomatoes. In the meantime, just looking at them is its own pleasure.

In the fields, between rains that is, there is plenty of harvest to be done. The last of the beans are being picked this week and likely the last of the peppers. It’s time to move on to the fall crops! The squash harvest has begun. Mike and David picked the sunshine squash for this week and we’ll soon move onto the Honey Bears, Butternuts, Gold Nuggets and Jesters soon. It looks to be a good squash year with a nice crop of pie pumpkins as well. There are some really beautiful - and big - Halloween pumpkins for people who come to the Fall Work Day on Sunday. We are looking forward to a fun day – come on out!

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Spring Hill’s Community
Events Committee is in
search of pictures taken
at Spring Hill over the last 25 years. We’ll show them at our Harvest Dinner. Mail to
Sue Poore, 7244
Newton Ave S., Richfield, MN. 55423. Note of year
taken would be nice. Digital pictures can be uploaded.

Sunday, September 25th – Fall Work Day
Saturday, November 5th - Harvest Dinner

To be a sustainable farm that provides for the land, the farmers, and a community committed to connecting to their source of food and eachother.

• share in the work to create a farm that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable;
• share the risk and share the bounty;
• make decisions together;
• ensure that the size of the farm holds in balance considerations of land, community, and farm viability;
• work together to nurture a friendly and creative community.