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Winter Thoughts from Mike & Patty

We have come to love winter. Don’t get us wrong, we love summer too--working hard, sleeping well, potluck lunches and tables filled with good food and good people--summers are truly incredible. But the quiet of winter gives us time and space to rest, to relax and to prepare for the intricate dance that is summer.

Winter is also conference time for farmers. We returned from the Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) conference, feeling so grateful for this organization. WFU somehow creates a sense of community amongst a disparate group of farmers bound together by a love of the land and the vocation of farming. We discuss. We disagree. We share food and drink. We challenge and inspire each other. The Spring Hill community provides this nourishment for us as well – and we hope it does for you, too. In Spring Hill, we find a sense of community amongst all of us as together we care for the land and each other.

This coming season, look for all the old favorites and some new things to try. We’re planning to give Romanesco a whirl on the recommendation of some other growers. We’ve ordered seed for an Ethiopian kale that looks tasty, and we’ll be trying a new variety of melon called sugar cube. Japanese eggplant seeds have been ordered, and of course, some new tomato varieties are being trialed. The gardens are full of promise!

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To be a sustainable farm that provides for the land, the farmers, and a community committed to connecting to their source of food and eachother.

• share in the work to create a farm that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable;
• share the risk and share the bounty;
• make decisions together;
• ensure that the size of the farm holds in balance considerations of land, community, and farm viability;
• work together to nurture a friendly and creative community.