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  Family Campfires & Farewell to a Friend

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It was a treat for us this past weekend to have all our children home. The visit included Friday and Saturday night campfires and plenty of fresh salsa. Our oldest daughter Katie now lives in St. Joseph, MN and works at the St. Cloud hospital. She and her husband, Ben, are looking forward to welcoming twins this fall. We’re looking forward to loving them up! David lives in Madison and is working at the Lafolette School of Public Policy on UW-Madison’s campus and Maggie is on the verge of moving to Minneapolis and beginning school at Metro State.

Once again the weather is not matching the month of the year. August’s weather has felt a lot like September’s. We certainly appreciate the cooler days for working and the cooler nights for sleeping. It may not be ideal weather for ripening tomatoes and melons but it is good for lots of veggies. Broccoli and greens love the cooler weather and recent rains have given the beans, cucumbers and zucchini a boost. All in all it’s been a really good year for Spring Hill vegetables. We’re hoping that continues for the many fall crops yet to come.

Many of you have heard of us mention our neighbor, Kate Stout who ran North Creek Community for over twenty years. Over all of those years we’ve shared labor, equipment, seeds; called upon each other when coolers and trucks and tractors broke down; commiserated over inclement weather and celebrated good harvests. A couple of weeks ago, Kate packed her van and moved back to her home town of Berkeley, CA where her mother still resides. She’s been a good friend, a good neighbor and someone we came to rely on in many ways. We miss her and we wish her well.

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