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  Happy Garlic and Broccoli

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collageGarlic harvest kicked off this past Saturday and it looks to be an amazing year for garlic. The heads are big and beautiful and wonderfully stinky! Upon arriving at the farm, a big portion of Saturday’s work crew headed off to the garlic patch to begin with the harvest. They went right to work pulling the garlic, cleaning the clods of dirt from the roots, clipping the tops and laying them out to dry in our greenhouse. Two of the seven beds were harvested in short order. Many hands are a wonderful thing! After garlic harvest and prepping veggies for packing, the crew headed out to the blueberry patch for some picking and eating and eating and picking and eating some more! Last year we fed the resident robin population some of the best feed around – fresh blueberries! This year, they’re being kept out of the patch with netting and we’re actually getting some blueberries – quite delightful! If you’re coming to the farm in the next week or so, there may be blueberries for you as well. We’re just not sure how long they will last. This is new for all of us!

You may have noticed, the broccoli is doing well this year! We are thrilled. Broccoli rated high on the veggie favorite list in last year’s survey but we struggled with it all season long. Last winter we did some research and chatted with several very helpful fellow growers that we consider broccoli experts. Consequently, we switched up a few things. We changed our planting schedule, planting a new batch each week. We made sure the broccoli had plenty of fertility and we tried out new varieties based on the recommendations of other farmers. We also changed the weather. Well, we didn’t really change the weather, but the weather has been pretty ideal for broccoli – a bit on the cooler side and plenty of rain. Broccoli likes both. Since we changed up so many things, we don’t truly know what’s made the difference exactly, but we do know we’re enjoying the broccoli – both how it looks and is performing in the field and how it tastes. We hope you are too!

Carrots harvest has just begun. We switched up a few things there too. Even though we’ve been at this gardening thing for over twenty-five years, there’s still much to learn! We’ve trialing some new varieties to help with the disease that wet weather has brought us the last years and we’re trying some new methods to deal with weeds. We’ll keep you posted.

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